Meriah Nichols on Grief and Death

Grief and Death

I think death is the most familiar type of grief for most of us. It’s what we expect when hear the word, “grief.”

All of my death-related grief posts are on this page. They are mostly of my brother and my grandparents.

Following those posts will be my overall post on what helps with grief; tools and ideas that I have found to be helpful in moving through the process of grief.

My brother, for those of you who are new to this blog, is Dana. He was shot by 4 masked guys (who have yet to face justice), a victim in a senseless robbery. Dana was in a coma for 3 weeks before he was declared brain dead and removed from life support.

Dana was a year older than I, my only sibling and my best friend, closest confidant.

The Posts About Dana, My Grief & Death

things that help with grief | image of a woman with light hair with hands clasped, looking down into the light

What Helps With Grief

This is a long post about what helps with grief, any grief. The tools that I talk about in here are applicable to all types of grief, including grief from death.

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