Moxie Got Her Hair Cut! (& Mama's Learning Lightroom)

I’ve been using just my iphone 4 and Picasa for ever on this blog. It was okay but Picasa started crashing on me and acting like a woman with hormones gone rampant.

Like a true former missionary child, I took this as a SIGN FROM GOD to get my slack-assed act together and learn Lightroom. Or Photoshop. Or whatever it is the big kids are using these days.

I saved up and bought Photoshop and Lightroom. Then froze up in front of the millions of options and fancy words and hard-sounding things.

I went back to Picasa with my tail stuck between my legs.

Then Picasa froze on me and just wouldn’t load any photos anymore. God was REALLY talking to me now, right?!


That’s where I am now. Fumbling around Lightroom (which seems like a watered down version of Photoshop). I really can’t figure out much yet (- and isn’t that optimistic of me, adding a “yet” there?!) besides the export, import and watermark.


That is the longest explanation ever for why I didn’t edit these photos at all! Watermarked only (and even that was random because I couldn’t tell what font was what!). Hopefully this can serve as a starting point of reference later for some post on “see how far I’ve come?!”

But of course, with my muse being so adorable… it really doesn’t need much in the way of edits. Right?

Here’s Moxie’s hair cut. May 1, 2013 (Micah’s 5th birthday).

IMG_3896 IMG_3901 IMG_3903 IMG_3909 IMG_3913 IMG_3925 IMG_3928


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  • I have to say that her hair cut looks adorable…and that despite the fact that she was obviously a screaming, blubbery mess during, she recovered quickly. 🙂 Kind of gives this mama who has been desperately putting OFF getting her wee one’s cut partially due to fear of the meltdown to come a tiny bit of hope. lol

  • She look so adorable with her new haircut! Owen cried the first few times I took him too. But now he’s an old pro–probably because we have to go every month to get it done or else he starts looking like one of The Beatles!

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