Halloween on the Lost Coast

I was kind of dreading Halloween. On one hand, I love the kids costumes and I love the whole ‘dress up’ element, but I really wondered how fun it could be out here, when everyone lives miles away from one another. And getting in the car, fastening all the kids, driving to a house wayyyyyy out there to pop them all out again and walk to the door to trick-or treat just to walk back to the car, buckle in all the kids again and drive to the next place…sounded about as fun as an unmedicated tooth filling.

But I was wrong.

That’s not how it is here, or maybe it is for some people, but we didn’t do that.

What we did instead was, the entire school had a parade to our general store. A trunk-or-treating session was had by all, great delight and merriment.

Unfortunately, 2 of my 3 were asleep and would. not. budge.

meriah nichols halloween-4 meriah nichols halloween-3 meriah nichols halloween-5

But one of my 3 had a fantastic time!

meriah nichols halloween-6 meriah nichols halloween-8

Then school wrapped up, we went home – saw a bobcat on the way back! – to have dinner (more bear spaghetti). there was also time for a princess to visit her minions, the chickens, and for a little superhero-who-refused-to-wear-his-dinosaur-costume to pick some figs and play.

meriah nichols halloween-9 meriah nichols halloween-10 meriah nichols halloween-11 meriah nichols halloween-12 meriah nichols halloween-13 meriah nichols halloween-14 meriah nichols halloween-15 meriah nichols halloween-16 meriah nichols halloween-19 meriah nichols halloween-20 meriah nichols halloween-21 meriah nichols halloween-22 meriah nichols halloween-23 meriah nichols halloween-2 meriah nichols halloween

meriah nichols halloween-17Then we packed up again and this time headed for the community center.

The community came together in a pinch-me-is-this-real way. It was like a really awesome house party that was by and for the COMMUNITY, and by that, I mean it was by and for everyone. Everything about it was FUN: the music, snacks, adult libations, kids playing, multiple generations dancing with each other, kids running out to use the adjoining playground, people all dressed up – oh man, the costumes! 

I haven’t had such a good time in, well, forever.

and of course I don’t have any pictures of it 🙂


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