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We came back from Mexico in March and we’re leaving again in November.

That means that this month – July – is our “hump month”. It’s like Wednesday is in a working week.

Meriah Nichols -3-4 Meriah Nichols -2-4

Hump Month just draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags for me, like molasses in winter.

It’s hot. It’s slow. It’s hot. I miss Mikey.

Meriah Nichols -3-2We ALL miss Mikey

mikey tickling mac while sitting on dirt stairs child with fatherIt’s such a toss up, you know?

Spend all this time away from him for months – we only seem him usually for an hour or so in the morning and an hour or so at night. 7 days a week.

But then we get to be full time families for FIVE MONTHS.

mikey holding a bucket with fruit in itAlthough we might be changing that too.

We love the Lost Coast so much and Mikey and Dana are doing well with the farm, so we will probably stay here year-round if the (still unfinished) yurt gets finished and we can actually live in it through a Humboldt Winter.

baby alligator lizard sticking under mirrorYep.

And we think if THAT happens, we’ll live here, year round. We’ll travel someplace that we’ll fly to, and stay for a shorter time. We’ll do more work on the farm, and start building a retreat center here too. Cuz you want to come and visit, right?!

lizard tail sticking out of the sheets

Hell yeah! You know you do!

We have alligator lizards galore and hummingbirds that come into the house!

Meriah Nichols -4And by the time you get here, I’ll have hummingbirds dripping off of me, sitting on my shoulders and eating from my hand. “The Hummingbird Whisperer”, that’s what people will call me!

Moving on, The Kids.

We have happy kids.

Meriah Nichols -13 Meriah Nichols -11-2 Meriah Nichols -10-2 Meriah Nichols -9-2 Meriah Nichols -8-2 Meriah Nichols -7-2 Meriah Nichols -6-2 Meriah Nichols -5-2While I might feel like July is Hump Month and drags from here on out, I sincerely doubt they do.

They are just… fun loving little light seekers that wring the hell out of every drop of joy they can find.

Meriah Nichols -11-3 Meriah Nichols -10-3 Meriah Nichols -9-3 Meriah Nichols -7-3I feel like my kids are the most interesting, interested children in the world

Meriah Nichols -8-3 Meriah Nichols -3-6 Meriah Nichols -2-6I’ll bet you think that about your own kids too, don’t you? Which goes to show that we all really do get the kids that are perfect for us. Sometimes whether we realize it or not.

Meriah Nichols -1-9Micah is back to normal  – thank you SO MUCH for all the support

Meriah Nichols -5-3His voice is solid, he is happy and back to his typical level of examining how the universe works. And bionicals. And Legos. And craft/cooking/making/stuff and being complicated and yet still a little boy.

Meriah Nichols -6-3It’s all going to work out.

Meanwhile…Meriah Nichols -2

Hump Month!

I have too much to do. I hate all the (neverending) housework that sort of grates on my soul but if I neglect it, things are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse, so better to just flow into oneness with drudgery.

Meriah Nichols -1-3

“oneness with the drudgery” – not bad!

naked childing bending down

So, too, is life here, overall.

Even in Hump Month.

Meriah Nichols -11 Meriah Nichols -10 Meriah Nichols -9 Meriah Nichols -8 Meriah Nichols -7 Meriah Nichols -6 Meriah Nichols -1-7 child in hammock

xoxox hope you are having a good one, too

Meriah Nichols -1-4

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  1. I just wanted to let you know how much I have come to love following your blog, reading about your life and the lives of your little people. As a fellow mama, I can appreciate much of what you say and I find so much joy in your photos. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  2. You take make me…well, want to be you xo Beautiful and joy-giving post.

  3. Little light seekers indeed, they certainly do radiate joy and everything that is right in this world. They really are beautiful but there is also something uncorrupted and fresh that shines through them, perhaps because of the way they are being raised outside the mainstream and without the mass market influences.

    I came across your blog a while ago via your comments on Bumfuzzle, we had also visited the Lost Coast last year and loved it. As a 60 yr old male who never had kids of my own I wouldn’t have thought it was my kind of blog but through it I am able to share in the grace and cheer and goodness that you document so well. It’s remarkable and I am very appreciative for it.

    All the best,

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