Happy-Making: Goals for 2013 and What Happy People Do

I'm fascinated by those "happy studies" and "happy posts", like the one that aired recently on HuffPost, '10 Things Happy People Do Differently."

Of course part of it stems from the fact that I wade through my own depressive slogs from time to time, but fundamentally I think I love this stuff because it's always mystified me as to how many people in a country with so much (- like the US) have more unhappy people than I ever did see in countries with way less (- most of the world).

And then you have to wonder: 'more' of what and 'less' of what?

We keep on equating 'more' with stuff – with money and things and not in terms of 'friends, people, giving, faith'. Other countries may easily have 'less' of the stuff but more of the non-tangibles, the 'friends, people, giving, faith' – so even if they are living in tin shacks without running water, they might be off the charts in terms of having 'more'.

In the article above, Paula Davis says the 10 Things Happy People Do Differently are:

  1. They build a strong social fabric
  2. They engage in activities that fit their strengths, values and lifestyle
  3. They practice gratitude
  4. They have an optimistic thinking style
  5. They know it's good to do good
  6. They know that material wealth is only a very small part of the equation
  7. They develop healthy coping strategies
  8. They focus on health
  9. They cultivate spiritual emotions
  10. They have direction

I can buy that. That list makes sense. Doesn't it?

And speaking of happy, here's a sunflower. Now, that's a happy flower if ever I saw one!


Moving on, I think about my goals for this year, the short list of which is:

photoWhoah, some big stuff there, huh! Nothing like 'get rid of most everything and hightail it outta Dodge', eh?

I suppose these goals kind of sort of touch on a lot of the "happy" points. Health is there. Direction is too. Activity engagement and optimism!

Optimism is there in spades. Or is that 'hope'?

Anyway, Here's another  sunflower

photo 1Or rather, row of 'em! Gosh, they are bright living things, aren't they?

Speaking of bright living things…

Here's a picture of my kids because my kids make me happy

IMG_7793They are always making me happy.

Even when they are not, they are, they really are.


Let's get our Happy on, 2013



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