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This is all kinds of “wow”

Isn’t it?

I was pretty close to this side of ecstasy this week since I’m very close to being done with the wordpress site.  Not completely done – I have around 2,000 posts to convert, after all – but close enough to make the move, most likely next week. I’m excited. Terribly excited. It’s a change on the level of re-naming the blog or starting side-blogs. Which, you know, I have done already.

This week on the blog we had:

On This Day: Falling in Love with My One True Darling Man
5 years ago on this day I had my first date with Mikey. It may as well have been our wedding day because it was the day we fell in love. We hardly spent a day apart from each other after our first date and had eyes only for each other. Marriage can be hard; I’m grateful our love has always been ready, easy and complete.

Summer Disability Blog Hop Optional Prompt + Photo
The optional prompt and photo for this week

Inspirational Quote
I love these things. ’nuff said.

Summer Disability Blog Hop: Let’s Have Some Fun!
This hop focused on photos – posting one of yourself/loved on with a disability. Links are live until Tuesday, June 3rd – hop on!

NOTE: After some consultation with friends from the T21 Alliance, we’re going to change up the Blog Hop. Tweaking it to perfection. We’ll have it every other week for the duration of the summer (so only three more hops). The prompts will not be optional; playing with the photo will be.

Next prompt will be on Monday, July 2nd.

Author Interview: Amy Julia Becker + Giveaway – 3 Copies of “A Good and Perfect Gift”
This concluded the two-part author interview series, with George Estreich and Amy Julia Becker. I was and am deeply honored to host both of them, delighted to share their views with you and grateful for their generous book gifts. Thank you!

Next week I’ll post the post all about Boo and The State of My Uterus, there is a pretty awesome giveaway, a “deep” post and a “frothy” post. How about that. All in a span of a few days.

I made a little collage of the photos that I posted over on the Facebook Page (“like” it to be part of it! You are welcome to post your own photos/links there, you know. I love community). I’m also on instagram – @meriahnichols – if you are there too, let’s connect!

Have a great weekend!

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