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100 years ago, we had this:


Or was it this?:


Whatever, they were huge honkers!

Then we got this:

… which was right before we moved over to BEIGE:

BEIGE has been one huge wet blanket on hearing hotness.

The very fact that they are trying to “blend” sort of highlights that you think you have something to “conceal” (and nevermind the fact that most people don’t even have BEIGE skin tones!).

Which just makes it worse, one giant shout out:

YOU ARE DEAF! Hide it! Get a “neutral” hearing aid, no one will even notice  it!

Blends right in, doesn’t it!

…cuz right, yeeeeeaaaaaah. No one is going to notice honkers like those jetting out of your ears, and golly, you are probably going to forget you are wearing ’em too (until they dent your ear permanently with their weight! Or start squealing with all their glorious feedback!)

Oooh, sexy.

Hot, hot, hot!

Now, this is what I grew up with, those “flesh coloured” bits of delight that “no one will even notice!”

Around high school, I got to thinking about eyeglasses and how they went from these kinds of things

To what we have now, where people WHO DON’T EVEN HAVE BAD VISION WEAR GLASSES!

Just because the frames are so cool.

I wanted time to just fast forward and I could be in an era that had smokin’ hear ware, and not one in which it all screams “geriatric” (- but my own Grandpa Jack cuts out the hearing aid coupons he has no use for because – even at almost 90, he has perfect hearing, take that “geriatric”). That not being possible, I crossed my arms, pouted for a few decades and am now seeing some exciting changes:



Oh wow. Colourful. And what the hell IS THAT?

It’s like a snap on case over the hearing aid which goes in the fold of your ear, not behind or stuffed in your canal.


Here’s another look:

Sleek. An earring. A hearing aid. A very hip lady.

NOW we are starting to really talk!! This is moving into the realm of “Get a Load of My Juicy Hearing Aid!

This baby screams bright, fun, fresh, don’t-give-a-shit, just play!

I love it. Not sure I’d wear it, but I love the balls.

Moving on, this is something I’d wear

Snazzy, isn’t it? Is it a hearing aid? A necklace? An earring? A cleavage-enhancer? I DON’T KNOW BUT IT”S COOL!

This one is my favorite. Want a closer look?

YEAH! It’s a freakin’ HEARING AID! How sweet is that?!

I know!!

I really like that. If I had access to it, I’d enlarge my ear lobes to fit one of those in.

Here’s another uber-mod type:

Gorgeous, right?!

Even this one isn’t so bad. It’s not like the typical medical beige wad of gum that is plugging up our ear canals in the name of “hearing”.


That’s my little report for today, folks. The future is looking bright for us. Or rather, for our kids. Hopefully acceptance of us deaf folk will come as far in the future as it has already for low-visioned and poor-sighted people. So not being able to hear without our hearing aids will be about as big a deal as some astigmatism is now – and people with great hearing will be faking it just to make it with a cool bit of hearware.


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  1. Sweet and it just so happens I think I may be in the market for a new ‘aid. Mine are pissing me off right now, well, really only the right one. But that’s a whole other topic. Incidentally, I just recently discovered your blog and I am one of the non-geriatric HA users. I had to start wearing these bad boys around the time I turned 15. Let me tell you, I loved that in high school.

    1. OMG, I would have loved to have known you! I started wearing mine full-time, all the time, when I was 15 too. I think I died.

      1. That would have been awesome. It took me a long time to get over that.

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