Helping Someone Through Hearing Loss

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Losing one’s hearing is one of the worst things a person can go through. Hearing is a vital sense that enables us to live our lives more easily, and which, of course, gives us so much joy, which when it starts to fade, it can leave the person affected in a state of shock and despair.


If you know someone who is experiencing hearing loss, you should, then, try to support them through the process as best you can. Having any disability is not easy, but when you’re used to having a certain faculty, and it is taken away from you, it can really knock you for six. So, what can you do for them? Check out these simple ways of helping someone through hearing loss:


Convince them There is a Problem


Some people who are losing their hearing go into a state of denial. They’ll start turning the TV up every louder, missing what you’re saying and when you mention it, they’ll completely deny it. You see, although deep down they know there is a problem, they are in denial too and taking them to one side and gently broaching the subject with them is pretty essential if you want them to get help and come to terms with the issue they are facing.


Help Them Find a Good Specialist


One of the best forms of help you can give to someone dealing with this kind of disability is helping them to find a really good hearing specialist who can hopefully help them to find the perfect hearing aid. The better the help they get, the easier it is likely to be for them in the long term.


Be Patient

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When a friend or family member is losing their hearing, no matter how compassionate you are about it, it can be quite irritating when they can’t hear what you’re saying, and you keep having to repeat yourself. It’s important that you try to keep your cool and be patient – it isn’t their fault that they can’t hear and it isn’t your fault that you are feeling frustrated, but if you blow up it will upset them, and they may end up avoiding you at a time when they really need your support.


Meet in Quiet Locations


A lot of people who are going deaf start to isolate themselves away from their friends and family because they simply cannot face interactions, especially in noisy environments. Encourage them to keep getting out and staying in touch by choosing quiet environments in which to meet.


Position Yourself Correctly


It’s really helpful to the hearing disabled for you to position yourself in such a way that they can see your face so that even if they can’t fully hear what you’re saying, they can watch your lip movements and follow what you’re saying that way.


Don’t Treat Them Differently

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Last but not least, don’t treat them any differently than they did before. Obviously, you’ll need to change the way you communicate in some case, but other than that, they’re the same person they always were, and you could upset them by treating them otherwise.


If you can do all of the above, you will really help your friend/family member through what is sure to be a very tough time in their life.