Helping Young People With Learning Disabilities To Understand Money

Many people today that have learning disabilities do not have any control or have little control over their own resources. They also have limited opportunities in terms of enhancing their financial knowledge. However, you can change this by helping someone with a learning disability to understand money better. Use these tips to get started…

Remember, everyone is different

Before we give you some specific advice regarding teaching someone with a learning disability about money, it is important to stress that everyone is different and you will need to tailor this to suit the person’s individual needs.

Training tips

When teaching your child or student about money, there are a number of different things you can do to make it easier and more effective. This includes the following:

–       Keep individuals engaged by using a number of delivery methods.

–       Clear formatting.

–       Back up your information with accessible and clear reference materials.

–       Provide regular breaks.

–       Recap frequently.

–       Use pictures and images to support the text.

–       Use plain English.

–       Keep things clear.

–       Make it fun.

Start with a money quiz

A good way to start is with a money quiz, which gets young people to express how they feel and think about money. Some questions you can include are as follows:

–       To save money, what do you do?

–       Where do you keep your everyday spending money?

–       You have three bills to pay before the end of the month, but you are feeling a bit fed up, what do you do?

Each question should be in a multiple choice format, with all answers being complete with pictures to help the person you are teaching understand them better.

Set up a child’s bank account to help them understand saving

Another option to help young people with learning disabilities learn about money is to open a saving account for them, so they can see for themselves what it is like to manage money without any big implications. You can look for the best gift cards for kids to help them get started and ensure they have a bit of money in their account to manage.

Being a good supporter

You are also going to need to make sure that you are a good supporter if you are going to be able to help the person learn. This includes doing the following:

–       Quietly helping the person to comprehend the difficult concepts or areas.

–       Preparing the individual for what is happening.

–       Understanding the background of the individual and how they learn.

–       Having an honest and strong connection with the person.

–       Intervene if you can see they are getting into difficulties.

As you can see, there are a number of different approaches that you can use in order to improve someone with a learning disability’s knowledge of money. This can help them to feel like they have more control over their own life, which is very important.