Super Bowl 2023 ASL Performances for Rihanna and Pregame and Plain Indian Sign Language

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This is a quick post with players embedded for the ALL the ASL performances of the 2023 Super Bowl.

It happens every year: Super Bowl comes, a big performance, the Deaf community gets really pissed off because it’s so freaking hard to find the videos of the ASL performances, and the ASL interpreters or performances are never seen on the same screen as the hearing/lead performers.

It sucks. I hope it changes soon.

Meanwhile, here is the main video (- thank you Corbett O’Toole!) that has ALL the pregame performances. You need to jump around, fast forward the video to get to the performances, but

Plains Indian Sign Language

Colin Denny, a deaf Navajo man, used both American Sign Language (ASL) and Plains Indian Sign Language (PISL) in his performance of America the Beautiful (with Babyface). There is a very cool article in the Washington Post about Plains Sign and ASL (- thanks Sara!)

More information on “Hand Talk” and the Plains Indian Sign Language, because this is really fascinating. And heart breaking. And lovely.

Back to ASL and Super Bowl – Rihanna’s Performance

It’s hard to find the full ASL performance with the incredible Justina Miles! Special thanks to Josh for posting this – and you might need to go to Facebook to view it.

Here’s hoping that next year will see the stage shared – ASL performers with the vocalists.

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