Hi, I’m Meriah & I’m In Full Freak-Out Mode Right Now

25 days, people.



25 of ’em!

Shit is getting REAL.

I’m in full freak out mode right now, especially when a few things are taken into consideration:

Mikey’s working on the truck FULL TIME in between working his FULL TIME job; I’m doing stuff mostly solo for the next couple of weeks

And by “solo” I mean, ALONE. My mom might help out with a child or two here and there, and grateful as I am for that, that’s it

We have the majority of a whole apartment to divest of!

photo 1

Woo-Hoo! – yeah, Mikey’s thrilled. The hoarder gene missed him by a mile and landed with triple force on me instead.

Yesterday I walked into the room where we are storing/sorting crap and saw this

photo 2

– Moxie had climbed into the drawer which will hold ALL of her belongings, come October. All of ’em. In that one narrow little drawer. I took one look at her and the mess she and Mack and created and started bawling that big huge, gulping ugly howling cry, slid on down the floor, they came on over and huggled (- yes, that’s a word, by the way, it’s cross between a “hug” and a “snuggle”) me, dried my tears on up like only little kids can, I took some deep breaths and felt like everything was okay. This is okay, we can do it, I’ve done worse/more/ this shit is NOTHING; no problem.

Sort of. Something like that.

Then I whipped out my beloved sharpie pens and got to list making because lists make me feel gooooooooooooooooooooooooood. fiyah to my deeeesaiiiya and all. They also keep me from falling asleep when I get stressed and then my narcoleptic brain wants to shut down – disability accommodation! hahaha.

So. Anyway. The house is full of lists now. Some even have some items crossed off! Sweeeeeeeet.

Having kids at a time like this is just weird. They make it so much harder – oh my God, YES – I’d be done with this already if I was kidless. But they also make it that much more fun.

Moxie? She is a riot! With this wild sense of humour that is awesome to be around.

photo 3


– she lined up these chairs – why? WHEELS ON THE BUS!! – but of course.

and she had her dollies sitting in the other chairs.

photo 5


Meanwhile this guy is chucking a fit at every which turn except the one in which I pick him up THIS INSTANT. It must be a phase or something. But OH! I just want to eat his cheeks up all.the.time.

Yum. Yum.

25 days. And we are OUT.

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