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I am available as a disability consultant for your project.

If you or your organization is looking for a speaker or experiential trainer for disability or cross-cultural understanding and integration, look no further. I can help you.

This includes disability awareness (or cross-cultural) trainings, staff development, acceptance workshops, human resource development trainings (in working with accommodation and acceptance), website development and access, physical access, non-profit and community-based organization referrals and partnership introductions.

Contact me and we can talk.

I'm a career counselor.

I can help you with your resume/cover letter, career goals (that include disability accommodation, disclosure, interview preparation via FaceTime/Skype).

In addition to disability, I specialize in travel, cross-cultural/inter-cultural and international career development.

Life is supposed to be good.

I adore WordPress. Nerdy but true. Plugins, themes, site optimization: they float my boat.

I also love figuring out pieces of social media, graphic design and the overall message that is trying to be conveyed.

I am skilled with building domain authority, integrating SEO with keyword search, MailChimp/ConvertKit integration and more.

If you or your organization need help with this, I’m your lady.


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I am open to most any question, suggestion or future collaboration