Holistic Health: Getting Started



Holistic health is a way of medicine which focuses on the body healing itself using natural methods. It is a type of medicine which has been practiced for thousands of years, and seems to be on the rise again since the rise of vegan culture in the last few years.


If you are thinking about going into holistic health and trying this method of healing rather than western medicine, here are some things you will want to know.


The whole person


The main focus of holistic health is to think about the entire person when making any diagnosis’ or decisions. You may have motive in the past when you were at your regular gp that they don’t always take everything you have said into account before making a diagnosis. They will usually focus on one or two of your symptoms and make a decision based on this. However, a holistic doctor will talk to you about everything that’s going on in your body at once and make a decision based on your whole being.


This is an ancient approach to medicine and focuses on the idea that it is not only one part of the body or an illness which affects the way you feel. It is also all about the way the person interacts with their environment and how they feel as a whole. It emphasises the importance of the connection between the mind, the body and the soul, and how something which affects one can impact the others too. This is something which you can see within the spectrum of mental illness. Have you ever been so stressed that you feel sick and your heart is pumping fast? This shows the connection between what you brain is feeling and the rest of your body.


The idea behind this type of medicine is to heal by balancing all three of these factors to balance your whole and make you feel better.

The healing power or nature

Although holistic medicine will occasionally use western medicine and drugs to treat an illness, this is always as a last resort. The first line of defence for any type of ailment is to try and balance the body using natural methods. It’s not to say that you will be immediately put onto essential oils and medical cannabis delivery, but these are certainly parts of the whole treatment should you need it. The change that your doctor will usually ask you to make will be in your diet. Not many of us realise just how important it is to keep what we put into our bodies clean. This isn’t to say you can’t eat meat, but you need to learn to listen to your body and the way it reacts to certain foods. You might find that you love rice but every time you eat it you end up bloated and tired- this could indicate you need to try a paleo diet for a while. Holistic health focuses on trying to balance the body in a natural way, using the environment, diet, exercise, counselling and changes to achieve this. If none of this works, they will refer you to a regular doctor for tests.


It’s empowering


The holistic way of life is more than just a type of medicine, it is a lifestyle in its own right. It is not like your regular doctor when you just forget about it as soon as you walk out of the surgery, it is a way of life and forces you to think about your body and make healthier choices every day for your own good. You are in control of your own health and this is what many patients love about holistic health. When dealing with western medicine you will often feel as if you don’t really know what’s going on and you can’t control what medicines they are giving to you. It can feel frustrating not knowing what’s going on all the time and this can lead to you feeling controlled and hopeful. However when it comes to holistic health, the doctor will give to the advice and it is up to your to implement these changes into your own life. You are completely in control and you have to learn to listen to your body to see what it needs. It can be a huge help for your mental health and your soul because you are forced to become more connected with yourself and to listen to everything that is going on. It’s your body and your decision.