Home-Based Business Ventures for Those with Disabilities

The entire concept of being a “disabled” individual has undergone many changes during the past few years. In the past, such a condition would have presented the user with a number of seemingly insurmountable limitations (both physical and emotional). Many individuals lacked empowerment and as a result, they saw few opportunities for personal and professional advancement. The role of technology has now changed this perspective. The Internet has had a particularly profound influence; especially when we are referring to home-based employment opportunities. What are some great ideas if you are hoping to make a bit of extra cash or even if you are looking to adopt a full-time position? Let’s take a look at two sectors and examine what each has to offer. You might be very surprised at the options currently available. 

Technology-Related Jobs 

Many of the best online business ideas are focused around the technology sector. This should come as no great surprise, as we are all now fully immersed within the digital age. There are still some ventures that could prove to be slightly more lucrative than others. 

One very popular option is to become a mobile application consultant. Please note that we are not necessarily referring to those who actually create these apps from scratch. We are instead focusing on individuals who are essentially paid to test certain software packages before they are offered to the general public. Users are often paid by the time spent examining the architecture as well as the type of reviews that they write. It is a good idea to contact major developers such as Google and Apple to determine if any spots are available. 

In the event that you possess a basic knowledge of coding, why not instead bench test websites to check for any bugs or errors? One of the best aspects of this job is that it can be performed anywhere; even if you are required to remain in bed for extended periods of time. Coding technicians are also paid quite well and in the event that you are efficient, some companies may even offer up a full-time position. 

A final interesting suggestion involves writing reviews for technology-based websites such as Softonic or TechCrunch. Millions of visitors rely upon the opinions of individuals just like yourself before purchasing the latest gadgets such as smart watches and mobile phones. The information contained within these portals is updated on a regular basis and if you have a knack for the tech sector, becoming a professional review specialist could represent a lucrative possibility. 

The Service Sector 

If you are not familiar with the latest technology, there is nothing wrong with looking into what is generally referred to as the online service industry. This is arguably one of the largest job markets in existence, and for good reason. There are literally thousands of different employment possibilities and in the majority of instances, little or no previous experience will be required. 

Paid blogging is a perfect example. All that is required is a standalone website and a gift for gab. You have two choices in this case. You can write for yourself and advertise to an online audience in the hopes of turning a profit based upon strategies 
such as pay-per-click advertising. The other option is to become a guest blogger on a third-party page. In the latter situation, you will often be paid by the word or the length of the article. 

Are you familiar with the financial marketplace? If so, why not leverage this experience within the world of online trading? There are dozens of reputable investment platforms to choose from and you will be able to enjoy a truly personalized trading experience. Another point to mention here is that professional investors are often sought after for their expertise; particularly when analyzing the latest market information or providing advice in terms of an upcoming investment opportunity. 

A final interesting option is to take on the role of what is commonly known as a social media influencer. This is even more relevant if you already have a strong base of followers on websites such as Twitter or Instgram. A social media influencer is essentially an individual who is paid to promote a specific product or service (such as the launch of a new line of clothing). Regardless of whether or not the item actually sells, you will normally will be able to charge a flat fee for your services. 

Whether you are hoping to enjoy a side income from home or you wish to begin a full-time career, these are only a handful of the options that you can choose from. Please feel free to perform your own research if you hope to uncover even more amazing opportunities. Never forget that the only limitations in life are those which we create for ourselves.