How Aware Is Your Business?

We live in a time of awareness. We are aware of the technology that impacts our lives and our businesses to make improvements and seek out issues to be fixes. We are aware of the need for inclusion in the workplace, that a disability doesn’t need to stand in the way of someone ready and willing to learn and earn. We are aware of our own ability to open our minds and hold more than one opinion on an issue, even if we don’t agree with it. We are aware of the need for investing in awareness of a campaign or charity that we believe in. As a business, you’ll also be aware that you can advocate support for any cause and you’ll do it for two reasons: the first is that giving back to the wider community is important. The second is that it’ll make you look so good when you do it.

Whether you are running a company that focuses on health, social movement, politics or the environment doesn’t matter. It should be in your company strategy that you do everything that you can to give back to the world around you generate as much awareness as possible about a cause that is near to your company’s heart. You may find that PR is good for your business, so campaigning and raising money for the environment when you promote yourself as eco-friendly is going to make you look good. The difficulty is finding ways to raise awareness as a business while including the local community in your efforts. Don’t panic, though. Below, we’ve got some of the best ways that you can promote awareness for a cause of which you are passionate about:

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Wear It.

Clothing, hats, bags and wristbands all hold a place in the business looking to promote themselves while raising money for charity. Clothing is a popular option because everyone wants to look good and they know that by buying from a charity, they can do that in more ways than one. You can us a company like Global Faces Direct to help you manage regular donors to your cause, as when you are in the public eye it can be a lot busier than just having people buying rubber bands from your shop window. Making sure that you sell clothing items for your chosen charity will mean that people associate that charity with your business. This then equals money for the charity and a good reputation for you: win-win.

Raise Cash.

Charities and causes are always looking for funding, and you can raise awareness by getting your staff and the local community businesses involved in raising money for them. This can be anything from organising a local fun day, full of barbecues, tombola, bouncy castles etc to get the people of the wider community interested in what you’re trying to do. You could even host a colour run or several bake sales to raise enough cash for your cause.


Some companies out there just don’t have the time to organise events or try and be slick with PR stunts that are in your face. Sometimes, companies simply like to ensure that they make donations to their chosen charity as part of their monthly budget. This is more than okay, though, as a lot of people don’t think that they have the skills to run a fundraiser and keep the limelight on the name of the charity that they are always raising money for. If cash is a little strapped for your business, you could choose to hold canned food drives or sock drives with your staff to donate SOMETHING, which is always better than nothing! Always check what types of donations are acceptable first, though, you wouldn’t want to start collecting canned food if it’s not accepted.

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Some charities are doing fine for donations but are instead in dire need for volunteers to help out. By allowing your staff flexible time, you could see them donate their time to the cause and volunteer. It’s up to the individual charity to let you know whether they need volunteers to help. You could also choose to volunteer your services during events, making the way you raise awareness for your charity so much simpler.

Talk It Out.

Raising awareness will get you nowhere if you don’t talk about the charity that your business is spending time helping. If you get yourself onto social media and point your clients and customers in the general direction of your chosen charity, you can raise more awareness than you ever thought possible. Starting healthy conversations with other people who are interested in what you are raising awareness for can help you to spread the word to ensure others are being aware of the charity, too.


There is no use in being an advocate for a charity if you aren’t sure on the condition that they raise money for or what happens during the course of that condition. Get yourself educated on what you are raising awareness for and you will be in a much better position to answer questions from those who follow what you are doing. You’ll also need to ensure that you verify your sources before citing any research; it’s what it takes to be credible.

Social Media

When your company wants to raise awareness for a cause, social media can be your best friend. The audience is so wide that you can easily extend your reach far beyond anything that you’ve ever dreamed possible. You could go creative, much like the way the ALS ice bucket challenge did. Most people remember the campaign for awareness for ALS due to the ice buckets being dumped everywhere. Even those who saw the negative in dumping water in the first world when the third world had none remember the campaign. Social media power is massive; harness it.

Your pathway to awareness starts with you and your company, so how are you planning to play it?