How Cruise Ship Passengers Made a Good Beach, Great

We were on our way to Xcalac when Mikey pulled into the Blue Kay campground in Mahahual, more of a mental afterthought than anything. We had no intention of staying there. While we were turning around, a friend of ours from the campground in Puerto Morelos ran out to say hi – and told us the place was great, so of course we just backed into a space and stayed for 6 days!

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Our friends with their own 3 little kids made all the difference with us, but I think even if you go there on your own, you’ll still love it. This place rates as the best campground we’ve been to yet. The amenities – blazing fast wifi, beautiful bathrooms, clean grounds – were great and affordable (100-200 pesos/day), but the beach!


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Perfect white sand, sweet, warm water. A reef close by and the lovely people working there.

Cruise ship passengers

And the thing was, these cruise ships would come in 4 days a week from 11-3pm, unload their zillions of passengers who then spent stupid amounts of money on stuff from the local vendors and the resorts.

The local vendors and staff left us campers completely alone and were just totally laid back. Unlike staff at Tulum, they didn’t care one bit if we used the beach chairs, if we played with their hammocks and frolicked in the things they rented to the cruise ship passengers – because they made all of their money off the cruise ships!

Best set up, ever.

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Seriously, so great.

We loved knowing that the locals were making money, we loved having pressure off of us, and we loved the EMPTY BEACH.

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The Blue Kay campground in Mahahual.

First rate showers, bathrooms. Camp in the parking lot.

The bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. The areas around the beach are also – totally flat and mostly paved. The cabanas looked lovely (see below) – 400 pesos a night, but were not accessible.

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