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How to Use Apple Clips for Live Captions

How to Use Apple Clips for Live Captions

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This is a tutorial on how to add live captions to the free app,  Apple clips. I’m going to cover how to add set it to live transcribe what you are saying, and how you can edit the “craptions,” or what was recorded in error.

This is the thing: I can rarely understand videos that are not captioned.

But here’s another thing: it’s a pain in the butt to upload everything to YouTube and edit captions there.

So, I was pretty psyched when Apple Clips came out with their “live titles” – or rather, live captions.

Apple Clips Live Titles or Apple Clips Live Captions

First of all, what are “live captions”?

Live captions are where you speak and the app picks up what you are saying and automatically transcsribes the words to captions.

You have to set the app up for it to do it, it does not automatically start with the live captions after you download and open it.

Also, once you do set it up and start using it, a lot of the captions are “craptions” – like,  you know, Bad Lipreading or something.

But they have the option to edit the transcription. This is not very intuitive and not that easy, but hey. At least it exists.

Check out my little tutorial here – remember, this tutorial doesn’t focus on any of the other features that Apple Clips offer, okay? It’s only about how to add live titles to apple clips videos.

Main Points from the Tutorial on How to Use Captions on Apple Clips:

  1. You always need to swipe the pink bar UP to start recording
  2. The text bubble on the left is the icon for “live titles” – it’s where you go to set it up, and also to edit what was captured.
  3. The best way to do this is to make your videos in short bursts. Check the captions for each short burst. Then stitch all of the bursts together in the end. You are probably already familiar with Stories on Facebook, and Instagram Stories; Apple Clips works in a similar way.
  4. Apple Clips videos are always square! You cannot change the layout. This makes it really weird to use on Instagram TV (- the captions will not display properly), but it will work everywhere else.

Apple Clips Does a Lot More Too

I want this post to focus on live captions, auto transcribing with Apple Clips, but I’ve included links below that I thought were great in explaining ALL THE THINGS that the app can do.

When I was reading through those, I was kind of like, “whoooooooaaaah!!!” because I only use Apple Clips for auto transcribing; not for any of the other fancy features!

I think I want to try them, though; they look amazingly cool. Especially with an Apple X or higher (which I don’t have) – they have these things with scene backgrounds that I want to try.

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More Resources on How to Set Up Live Titles on Apple Clips

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.