How Your Blog Can Reach People In Your Sleep

Blogs are so incredibly useful, there’s pretty much no reason why they will ever die out. It’s such a simple concept, no wonder it’s done so well for so long, despite many people doubting that it would last this long. Sure, it was a little virtual diary for anyone to have but now, it’s become an indispensable tool for any online business. The trouble is, now your content isn’t for your eyes only, it needs to be shared to the world. Content is king as they say, but it’s also the only way you can effectively communicate with your fans and customers when you’re running a purely ecommerce enterprise. Your aim should be to get people wanting to curl up on their sofa, with a hot cup of coffee and read what you have written for the day. But, don’t forget you’re a business and you’re writing about things that pertain to your industry and your products and services. Therefore, not everyone is going to load up your page the first thing in the morning. In fact, many people do their online reading late at night, just before bed, or when they’re done answering emails after their own work. Therefore, how can you reach them in the middle of the night effectively?

Set a timer

A business blog needs to continually keep being updated with fresh news and updates of products and services. Therefore, it’s prudent to make sure you have at least 2 or 3 days worth of content already stored up, ready to go when you have a slow day. On the other hand, you may want to release a very important blog post about something exciting such as a new product coming out or featuring in your online retail store. You can set a timer for when a post will go live. This allows you to upload something new, without having to manually clicking. It puts the blog onto auto-pilot, uploading the content that’s in a queue at the precise time you have set. And you can do this strategically, such as automatically having a post go live during the rush hours when you are receiving the most traffic. This can be part of a campaign also, that drums up anticipation by linking social media campaigns with newly released content.

Round the clock feedback

Social media is great for running free marketing campaigns, especially if you’re an online business. You’d be surprised how powerful a simple hashtag can be if used correctly, timed well and hitching a ride on multiple waves of user enthusiasm. Managing your campaigns can be head-spinning, as you’re trying to connect with multiple audiences. Different virtual assistant companies offer social media management services that will takeover the day-to-day running of the marketing campaign. Tied in with project management, they can also organize emails in terms of priority, give you updates on the progress of different processes and procedures. Find the right service for you and you could have multiple hands helping you without hiring new staff.

The world never sleeps, at least the world of business doesn’t. Content should be stacked ready and waiting, and released automatically on a timer so you don’t have to log in and manually do everything. Link your social media posts similarly in this way and consider using the help of a virtual assistant to keep things organized.