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Human Needs Are Not “Special”

Human Needs Are Not “Special”

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This is about Human Needs Are Not “Special” – the concept and some products!

Human Needs Are Not “Special”

One of the things that upsets me is when disability rights, and the needs and opportunities of people with disabilities get lumped into a bandwagon of “special.”

Like, that there is something special about what every human being should have afforded to them. 

All of us, all human beings, deserve equal rights, opportunities, privileges.

There are no exceptions.

Even when I want there to be exceptions (like I do with some people), I know there really are none.

Human needs: the need to be educated, secure, healthy, loved; the need to contribute and be seen of value: all of those needs are not extraordinary, not limited to race, gender, country of origin or disability.

They are not “special.”

Human needs are not special.

So, I made a t-shirt about it, and I wore it. This is what happened:

The T-shirt I wore is linked below (- it’s the flowy ladies tee), and then I went ahead and made a tote and stuff.

Because. Keeping that message going makes ME smile 🙂

Right now, the t-shirt company is having a 15% sale for March, and if you add your email address, you can get 20% off in addition, I think. so that’s kind of cool.

Flowy T-Shirt

human needs are not special



"Special" Hat

human needs are not Special hat


Kid's Shirt

Pick one up today, and enjoy all the smiles you get as you wear that statement around!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.