I Give Up On Fluff

So, I was talking to Mikey about this blog, saying,

you know, I’m sick of writing about all this deep stuff! No more! I’m going fluff the whole way, yo!

He nodded, “uh huh” – he’s heard it all before.

I swear up and down I’m not going to write another big-time post on disability or things that really matter to me – I feel like by doing so, I end up alienating myself on the playground as the “angry kid” – so I’ll save that for my journal, save it for the HuffPo if they’ll have me. I’ll quit spewing it all out on here and on the internets and I’ll keep things nice and happy in this little nook of mine. A pleasant place for guests.


But then. You know what happens.

Something happens and I get all riled up and take to the keyboard, my weapon of choice these days, and have at it.


Every. Single. Time. The same thing happens. “No more of the big-time stuff, I swear, I mean it this time! I’m going the fluff n’ froth route!” – nod, smile (was that an eye roll?), and then the next day, something happens on facebook or wherever and what do you know? Yes. That was another clearly non-frothful post.


I think I’m going to just give up saying this blog is going to be fluffy cuz I keep getting distracted by THINGS THAT MATTER. But I don’t think that needs to stop me from posting the bits about PEOPLE THAT MATTER to me, right?


The people that matter the most, anyway?

2013-02-01 (all of these were on instagram by the way – I’m @withalittlemoxie over there, if you want to follow the feed)

My favorite photo from last week:

Four More Years for MAC!

and my favorite quote:



And while I’m here talking about fun, feel-good stuff, I’m pulling together the “Blogger in the Spotlight” series over on Down syndrome Blogs. Starting today. We’ll have two bloggers featured each week and we’ll try and make it fun. So bring your coffee on over: Down syndrome Blogs.


Next up: something completely not frothy.

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  • As a newcomer on the DS Blog Circuit, I can honestly say that I would never have labelled you as the “angry kid” on the playground.

    Having said that, if you split off the “fluff” from the “opinion” into a separate blog or page, “Angry Kid on the Playground” would be an awesome title. Heck, I’d even come over and be “angry” wit ya!!

    Your posts make a difference – fluff or otherwise. Keep it up, and thanks for introducing us to a world of resources!!!


  • Bah…There are enough blogs out there with all the fluff, I come to yours because you’re one of the few that does write about the deeper issues. So please don’t change a thing!

  • I like the deep and non fluffy stuff. That is why I come here. I like to be reminded that the way most people are looking in on at my life is wrong and I’m right. Your writings helped me a lot when I was healing from learning about my son’s diagnosis and taught me a new way of looking at differences. Simply that there are differences not better or worse ways of being – just different. So keep writing the “angry kid on the playground” stuff- people need to be challenged. You know the saying ” Great mind discuss ideas, something else ( I can’t remember) discuss events, and small minds discuss people.” Well, Moxie’s Mama – you are a great mind. ” I never thought the last part very accurate but maybe it could be said that small minds only ever discuss fluff. A mix is good – heavy on the ideas

    Enjoyed your last few posts so much.


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