Improve Your Home and Business Access by Installing a Stairlift

There are a myriad of excuses for not making homes or businesses accessible to people with disabilities. The most common excuse is that the building is too old.

A building being “too old” means that it was built before accessible codes came into existence. This almost always translates to the building using stairs every which way instead of ramps. 

Countries which have a lot of older buildings suffer more in this regard, as there are far more buildings which need to be made accessible. Making a building accessible need not be so expensive though. You don’t need to put elevators in; you could simply get a stairlift installed.

stairliftThe stairlift is set up on the flight of stairs and the person in need of it simply transfers to the seat of the lift. The lift is then  raised up the stairs through a motor.  The stairlift is a simple solution, which allows people with disabilities to  live in homes which otherwise would be inaccessible. 

It’s also a great solution for businesses who hire someone with a mobility impairment, or to have on hand for customers who may not be able to walk up stairs. It’s less expensive than installing an elevator, but still provides access.

Thanks to the stairlift, there truly is no excuse for not making your businesses or homes accessible.