Despite discriminatory beliefs from others, retaining independence as a disabled person is possible. In fact, it can be something that is helpful too, giving you greater control and autonomy, things that often play into positive self-esteem and self-identity as well. For many people with disabilities using the services of home caregivers can help to achieve this. So read on for a discussion of the positives and negatives of such a setup that will help you assess whether using a home caregiver service will be a positive and helpful strategy in your life.


Positive – they can meet you where you are


One of the best things about home caregivers is that they can meet you where you are with your particular disability and personality. Of course, not everyone needs home care and can manage perfectly well without. However, some disabilities have a more physical effect help around the home can be useful.

To this end, caregivers can tailor the level of assistance to what you need physically and practically, as well as make sure that you are emotionally comfortable with what you are receiving.


This is so crucial because it means the care you receive will be matched to your situation and what you want from the service, rather than just being a one size fits all solution. Something that can make the assistance much more effective, acceptable and respectful of the individual concerned.



Negative – you can become too reliant on them


Some folks worry that they will become too dependent on home caregivers if they use their services. However what they don’t realize is that such caregivers are aware that a balance needs to be struck between providing the assistance that is required, and encouraging the individual to try new things for themselves.


You needn’t worry about becoming over-reliant though because you will be able to work out a plan with your carer. A plan that identifies what you are struggling with the most and directs their help there, leaving the things that you are still doing successfully for you to complete, and working on the things in the middle.


Negative – trust can be an issue


Another negative that some folks worry about with home care is trust. It can take a lot to welcome someone into your home, a place that is we traditionally regard as our own safe domain. However, you can help ease this transition by using a firm that is thorough with the background check on all its employees and sets up introductory meetings between staff and service users. So then you can get to know the person or people that will be coming into your home a bit better before everything gets underway.


Positive – you can stay in your own home


Lastly, the obvious benefit of using a home caregiver service is that you get to stay in the residence of your choice. Something that is not only great because of you probably quite like where you live and don’t want to move, but also because of all the benefits that this produces. The benefits such as staying together as a family, being able to integrate into your community, and maintaining a high level of self-sufficiency that wouldn’t be possible in a residential facility.