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You are probably wondering why on earth a baby would need speech therapy, right?

I was a little kerflumexxed at the thought of a 6 month old baby doing speech therapy too. Little double take, whaaaaa? Tell me again why she needs speech therapy when she's not even close to talking?

I honestly still didn't know when I dutifully trotted to the speech therapist at our local Down syndrome Connection yesterday, tribe in tow (Micah, Moxie and my Mom). I was just going because

  1. I try to be a good mother and taking your kid to therapy falls under the "good mother"column
  2. The speech therapist that I met (who would be working with Moxie) was really nice and went to Gallaudet and
  3. It was free

As I understand it from the speech therapist (ST),  "our kids" (loved how she kept saying that) benefit from oral stimulation now so that later they have an easier time of it with eating, speech and tongue retraction. She gave us some simple pre-feeding exercises to do every day with Moxie, like swift and gentle nose-mouth rubs.


Micah loved being there. He loves being at the Ds Connection. That's a wild understatement. It would be far more true to say that we had to drag him away, kicking and screaming. If he knew how to cuss us out, he would've. I'm not sure I've ever quite seen his mouth open to that extent – it was like a clear view of every.single.tooth PLUS a glimpse down his throat... but then he calmed down and it turned out he was hungry. Two bananas and he was back to normal.


Here is a picture of me and Moxie, courtesy of him, little man Munchkingling:

 Then he wanted me to take a picture of his car. And truck, please

And him too, cheeeeeese!

…and one more of Mommy:

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