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This is a quick post to let you know about DREDF’s amazing resource and advocacy page.

This is available in a downloadable PDF for my patrons, linked here.

It’s also at the end of this post for people who benefit from access to PDF’s, along with the MP3 of me reading this post through my podcast.

Disability Rights, Disability Resources During COVID-19

Disability Rights Education Defense Fund (DREDF) has a comprehensive list of resources and areas of advocacy that they are working on (and which we can all help with) on their website.

That means, documents that you can download to refer to:

  • Know Your Rights
  • Communication Rights Toolkit
  • Triage Rights
  • Federal resources and factsheets
  • Federal laws that pertain to COVID-19 (and your rights)
  • Plain language guides to COVID-19
  • ASL guides to COVID-19

This is huge.

It even contains links to relevant social media advocacy campaigns, twitter handles, and direct facebook links for major relevant disability rights and advocacy groups

I have seen no better clear, easy to understand one-stop-shop with all the information, and want to make sure you see it too, and are able to bookmark it for reference and better understanding.

DREDF Disability Resources & Advocacy during COVID-19: https://dredf.org/covid-19-advocacy-and-resources/

Download the distraction-free PDF bundle for this post here.

Please note: it does cost me time and money to produce these PDF’s, so I truly appreciate it if you become a patron (- even $1/month) and download the PDF’s (and MP3’s, when I have them) that way.

However, I will always keep these as a free option, for those of you who have disabilities that need that access, and who may not be able to afford becoming my patron at this point.

You can become my patron by clicking here.

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