Asian food is always fun

I meant to get some calming melatonin or something like that to give to the kids for the plane rides to and from New York, but I forgot to buy it.

We had LONG flights, with stopovers and nothing about it was particularly easy. My stroller is outstanding though; it made it bearable (it’s a City Select Double, if you want to know) because you can keep the kids strapped into the stroller and check the stroller right at the door of the airplane.

I was also stocked: devices, games, play dough, snacks, water. You name it, baby, I had it. Ye Olde Mama Shoppe.


I had this surreal experience with this guy complaining about my mothering skills (- I wrote about it on Facebook, here), but what I didn’t tell you about was what I’ve FINALLY learned as a deaf traveller:

Meriah Nichols New York-1What I’ve learned as  deaf traveler is this: RECORD EVERYTHING.

I’m as clear as pane of fresh glass about the fact that I’m deaf and what I require from airlines. I mean, there’s not a lot of guesswork on their part, is there, when I go up to the counter and say, “I’m deaf. I can’t hear announcements. I will be standing by the gate and I need to be alerted directly, in-person, if there are any flight changes. Thank you”.  I’ve found time and again that they just diss what I’m saying, they don’t tell me when there is a gate change, don’t tell me when an announcement is made.

So, I don’t mess with it anymore.

I take out the iPhone and tell them right in the beginning that I’m recording this conversation. Then I go for my normal spiel of being deaf and needing them to tell me if an announcement is being made. I also have them write everything they say down, because while I am a Lipreading Ninja, I do miss things and I want to be sure. Furthermore, I think that when they write out everything, they realize that I AM ACTUALLY DEAF.

I speak so clearly that I’m pretty sure most people think I am just pulling that out of my ass. But… I’m not. Trust me, I don’t walk around telling people I’m deaf for kicks.

Meriah Nichols New York-1-2We arrived back in the Bay Area and turns out the airline lost a stroller seat in transit. No big deal. I whipped out the iPhone, had everything recorded, told them to FedEx it back to the Lost Coast. They did.

I’m only telling you about all this because I think it’s a useful nugget that I wish I had done a lot earlier. Deaf friends reading? Anyone else with a disability in particular, seriously – just whip out your phone and start recording. It’s like cc’ing emails; stuff gets done when people think other people are watching.

Moving on!

20150825-IMG_2583My Mojo got his haircut!! I love it when he lets that happen, so I can see his sweet face

20150825-IMG_2524LoveBug followed suit; he’ll do anything his big brother does.

20150825-IMG_2581Same with our Princess. But then, she’s usually leading the way with the haircuts.

We did some Asian food shopping

bee larvae!
bee larvae!
Asian food is always fun
Asian food is always fun

Going back home is always a big deal. Got the nori, hoisin sauce, SRIRACHA!!! Right on.

20150826-IMG_256520150826-IMG_2572 20150826-IMG_2580 20150828-IMG_2595 20150826-IMG_2564

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