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Race has always been something I’ve been hyper-aware of, perhaps because I’m white and grew up in non-white countries.

So… when Katherine and I went to the Civil Rights Museum while we were in Atalanta

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It gobsmacked me that in my parent’s lifetime, this was all a reality.

That is, legal racial segregation. 

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Racial discrimination is so similar to disability discrimination.

I mean, none of it is “us vs. them” as much as justice vs. establishment.

Hurting one part of our human family because of the color of their skin is like hurting another part of the human family because they walk, talk, think, move, speak, hear, feel or see differently. It’s all the same, because at the end of the day, it’s about saying that you can’t have a place at the table, you don’t deserve a place at the table. You aren’t white, male or able-bodied enough.

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People don’t seem to get it that hurting one branch of the human family ends up hurting us all.

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A bird can’t fly with only wing.

A horse can’t run with only one leg.

Humanity can’t thrive with only one person on board.

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We are all needed, we all bring with our unique individuality a piece of the puzzle that will create the most marvelous mosaic of beauty ever seen

That’s ALL of us.

Black. White. Disability. No disability. Yellow. Brown. Red and the myriad of shades in between, ALL of us.

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60 years ago, it would have been illegal for whites and blacks to play in the water together like this.

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60 years – a whole generation’s – worth of education has happened, lessons learned and it DID.

We still have unspeakable police brutality towards black men, we have race riots, we have a simmering anger, resentment, hurt and outrage and I wonder what will it take to learn how important we are to each other?

How will we learn that love really does win, that this hurts our soul – our collective national soul – as much as it hurts the individuals against whom these crimes are perpetuated?


Some good posts on what is happening today:

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…and this, which I posted on this blog’s facebook page after Ferguson. Excellent post. Which I am sad is so necessary: 12 Ways to Be a White Ally to Black People



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