Life Off the Grid

Of Mice & Me

I was set to call this post something like, “Mice: Round 3”. I was only going to write about MICE and the whole saga that’s developed up here in Yurtlandia. It roughly went like this: We arrived. Mice were everywhere. 2. We set up poison traps. Mice died everywhere. 3. We got other animals. 4.

The Muscovy Ducks

“Hey, you guys want some ducks?”, Ken asked. “My friends lives in town and is getting in trouble with his, so he’s wondering if he can give some to you.” Hmm. Mikey and I talked it over, I mean, ducks. We never really thought about them, but why not, right? We like duck meat, after

Happy Hump Month!

We came back from Mexico in March and we’re leaving again in November. That means that this month – July – is our “hump month”. It’s like Wednesday is in a working week. Hump Month just draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags for me, like molasses in winter. It’s hot. It’s slow. It’s hot. I miss Mikey. We ALL miss


Tomorrow I’m going to be getting on an airplane with Katherine and we are taking our annual MomCation to Atlanta, Georgia. Yep. Because we are total nerds, our idea of a good time is going to present on Deaf Identity at the Society for Disability Studies – hang out and attend lots of cool lectures

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