The Light May be Dim, But At Least It’s There


Every person, couple, family, friend, and coworker will experience hard times at some point in their life. It may be to do with financial issues, struggling to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck. It could be the loss of a loved one, or illness, coming so suddenly and extinguishing with a single blow.

When there are troubled times ahead, it can be challenging to imagine a way out of it. As hard as it can be to remain positive, not let the hard times get you down, remembering that as with all storms, this too, shall pass. The light at the end of the tunnel may seem dim right now, but at least it is there.


After getting married, there is the expectation from parents and grandparents that you will soon fill their homes and hearts with children of your own. It has become expected. But we are no longer living in the 50s, and there is no obligation for newlyweds to start having babies so soon.

But it isn’t that easy. Couples who face trouble conceiving can feel like failures, and this can affect both their relationship, as well as relationships with other members of the family. Often, they will pass off any questions over potential children with excuses, scared to tell people the truth because it is too difficult to cope with. Saying it out loud to strangers make it more real.

But, advancements in technology and natal care have provided these struggling couples with solutions. Some will spend money on tests and treatment to help them conceive. While others elect to undergo affordable IVF services, which allow them to bring the kind of joy they (and their relatives) have been hoping for.


Having your child run up to you at the end of the school day in tears is heartbreaking for any parent. You immediately want to know what is wrong, but they might be reluctant to talk to you at first. Especially if you are still on school grounds.

Later though, when you get home they might be more open. Most children will experience bullying at some point in their lives; kids can be cruel, after all. This can happen to children with disabilities, where the others don’t understand and might be ignorant and afraid. We’ve all been children at some point, and you would be lying if you said you never bullied (in the broadest sense) at least once, way back when.

Learning that your child is being bullied at school makes you feel helpless. You want to protect them, but you can’t protect them at school. This is the place they go to learn, makes friends, and have fun. They shouldn’t be scared of going to school.

Should this happen to your child it is essential that they have supportive and loving siblings and friends to help bring their smile back and make them happy to go back to the classroom. Explaining to them that kids often don’t understand differences can help your child embrace anything they deem different and use it to build their confidence.

It seems to be that this sort of thing is dying out though. Reports flock in constantly of accepting and loving children who embrace anyone and everyone. Now, if only adults could follow suit.


Money troubles can hurt any relationship. We will all encounter financial issues at some point in our lives, and it is vital to deal with it as best we can in our circumstances. First, it is essential that you do not place blame, as this will only cause further friction.

Following this, you need to work with your partner or a friend to help you out of this hole. Organising your debt and looking for budgeting solutions, will start you off on a path to betterment. It may take a while and seem insurmountable at first, but dedication and drive will keep you going.

Finally, undertaking lifestyle changes, such as quitting bad habits will allow you further financial freedom. This will save the risk of your children or other family members suffering because of the debt. Above all, though practising self-care is crucial to keeping your head during these stressful times.


This is of course not always true. It would be irresponsible and unfair to tell you that everything will be okay at the end because sometimes it just isn’t. This is a fact of life.

However, ensuring that the light at the end of your tunnel is not dimmed any more is essential to battling through the hard times and recovering from them in a way that will make your family, your child, your relationships with others even stronger than before. The light does not need to blind you for everything to be okay, all that matters is that there is a light there to begin.