Lit League Disability Book & Movie Club: Unrest

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A quick note – we’ll be watching Unrest (available on Netflix streaming) this week, with a Twitter Chat on 10/27

See The Calendar for complete details for all the books and movies planned, and make sure to join the Facebook group!

Twitter Chat:

10/27: 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

  • I’m @meriahnichols
  • Use hashtag #UnrestMovie so we can find each other

Facebook Group is Linked Here!

Questions We Will Ask In the Twitter Chat on 10/27 at 11am PST

  1. Roll call: please introduce yourself – if you have a connection with ME or chronic illness, could you please share it with us? Thanks!
  2. How has this film changed your understanding of invisible and chronic illnesses?
  3. What are some of the beliefs you had about ME before watching the film? How did your views change?
  4. Discuss the stigma around ME. Why do you think there continues to be stigma around the illness?
  5. The film features clips from comedians who have made jokes about chronic fatigue syndrome. How does this type of discourse impact the stigma around ME? How do you think it affects patients?
  6. What does Karina’s story tell us about how the stigma around ME can impact patients and their families?
  7. What role does Omar (Jennifer’s husband) play in the film? What were some of the challenges Jennifer and Omar faced as a married couple due to the illness? How did they overcome those challenges? How do you think you would deal with this kind of challenge?
  8. What can happen to a patient (i.e. physically, mentally, emotionally) when their caretakers and loved ones may not believe they are ill?
  9. How can primary caregivers and relatives of a MEpatient be supported?
  10. What are concrete short-term steps that you can take to reduce the stigma against ME? What about long-term steps?
  11. How can you support the ME community in general?


All questions are from Jennifer Brea (the director’s) movie discussion guide, linked here.

image of a woman lying down, face up. her hair is streaming out on the pillow, with electric node things attached to her head. text reads "unrest" and it was a sundance film festival selection
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