Going to Heaven

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Thanks for not leaving me alone at the cafeteria table with my last post. Thanks for scooping up your trays and coming on over and stopping for a bit, if even just to say hi.

I am still feeling chicken shit over this post – like, I was scared to check Facebook because I was worried I’d be looking at a bare naked comment-less post perched on a status all by it’s lonesome.

I need to get over that.

I want to keep talking about moxie, keep talking about this act of courage-growing. I want to share stories and try to do things that help each other. I’ll try and keep that balanced with the telling of our story right now and also with talking about disability. I’ll try for one or two posts a week, probably on the weekend – does that sound about right?

Back to the road, where I started thinking about all this to begin with.


We were traveling on the coast of Baja – I don’t know if this makes any sense, so here is a map:

Southern Baja

See, we had driven south from La Paz to San Jose del Cabo. The lady at the Pemex gas station in San Jose del Cabo had told Mikey that you don’t drive to Cabo Pulmo via the coastal route, but he thought he knew better, so we went and found out the scary way that you don’t drive to Cabo Pulmo via the coastal route.

the coastal route to cabo pulmo

Oh sure, if you have a jeep or a sliver of a something (along with a death wish?), go for it! But I wouldn’t recommend this road to anyone. But I do have to say the donkeys hanging out by the side of the road were pretty cool

raodside donkeys

The cows were too

cows in baja
beach cows! being herded!

Our last trip down to Cabo Pulmo was in a post on my now defunct travel blog, but I kind of think this picture sums it all up:

moxie at cabo pulmo in 2012

But maybe that’s not fair, because in the way that crappy things can shape a positive future, that night in Cabo Pulmo sure did shape ours, so we are glad we experienced it.

Up till that point you see, we had been happy with our tent/truck arrangement – we had an F150 with an extra cab. Mikey had split the back bed for storage and sleeping, and we had a truck tent that fit around the back of the truck. It was a really easy, great set up – the kids in the truck and Mikey and I in the adjoining tent.

our old rig

But with the WIND – the ferocious, unrelenting, tiring, unforgiving WIND in Cabo Pulmo, we took one look out of our shaking, bowling sack of staked-down flim-flam and saw those guys next door in their comfie camper eating a nice warm meal while we were making peanut butter and jam tortillas because we were too scared to use propane in that wind, and we were like, WE ARE GETTING ONE OF THOSE!!!

And that, my dear, is how we ended up with an Alaskan Pop Up Camper 🙂

Back to the story.

So we were driving towards Cabo Pulmo but we were going to check out Los Frailes, a beach that had been recommended to us by our friend Chloe. She said it had great snorkeling and those are pretty much winning words for us, “great snorkeling”.

We finally reached the Los Frailes area…. and it was weird driving in because it was like – ‘huh? There’s a camping community way out here in the middle of nowhere?!’ followed by ‘HOLY COW, beach vultures?!’, swiftly tailed by ‘a Mexican FISHING VILLAGE?‘ then the mother of all exclaimations,


los frailes

We probably looked a lot like people must look as they enter the heavenly gates of pearly white, kind of dazed and slightly confused, “good grief, is this HEAVEN?!

And… yeah. Maybe it was. Maybe it really was.

 Los Frailes, a little slice of heaven, right here on earth.

moxie in heaven

The kids know heaven when they see it of course, and got busy immediately. That’s one of the things that I think is infinitely awesome about children. How they can just be plunked down anywhere (just about) and they’re all, “HEY MOMMY! Look at the OPTICAL REFRACTER BEAM I JUST BUILT!”


Or was that his optical refracter beam? I get it all mixed up. Might have been his warp core drive, powered by optical laser beams.


He was happy building his things, she was happy playing with them and for once it seemed, everyone was cool sharing

moxie and micah moxie and micah moxie and micah

Mikey played with these weird things that were actually plants – we thought they were HILARIOUS, solid fun – we’d come to hate them but we didn’t know that then


And we settled in.

on los frailes

Unpacked. Both our camper and the tensions that had built up inside.

Just let it all out in a big whooooooooosh, along with the sunset

los frailessunset at los frailes


Fantastical hipstagram photos that I took that day!

a little moxie on los frailes a little moxie on los frailesAnd a few of the older photos from Cabo Pulmo in 2012:

me and moxie in 2012
me and moxie in 2012
micah listening to his beloved mariachi music
micah listening to his beloved mariachi music
cabo pulmo
cabo pulmo
my favorite: micah in cabo pulmo
my favorite: micah in cabo pulmo
sweet delight
sweet delight
another sweet delight
another sweet delight
mexican cows are just cool
mexican cows are just cool


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is a deaf blogger, global nomad, tech-junkie, cat-lover, Trekkie, Celto-Teutonic-peasant-handed mom of 3 (one with Down syndrome and one gifted 2E). She likes her coffee black and hot.


  1. hi meriah! suma here…one half of the crazy motorcycle couple who rode from sf to ushuaia (whyweroam.wordpress.com) and friend of anne & adam. so great to see you are on the road! we’ve been back 7 months and miss the traveling a lot. living vicariously through your photos 🙂

    • Hey!!! Wow!! That makes me smile. We were tuning into your story for so long!!
      How about an encore trip?!

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