This Month on the Lost Coast

It’s winter over here on the Lost Coast.

Which means that these pictures are from last month, because there is nothing here that is not green right now!

It’s an Emerald Wonderland.

A very WET Wonderland.


That little creek there is normally our tiny (non-babbling) brook.

Those are my feet there, as I stand on our little footbridge and admire the new creek that’s totally babbling. I mean, it’s babbling so hard that warbling. Is “warbling” louder than “babbling”?

Anyway. My point is that there is a LOT OF WATER.

Mikey thought he could make it!

That was kind of hilarious.

Then of course, he had to drive the tractor down to get it out before a landslide potentially happened and covered it. Then he had to clean out the water-logged engine, change the fluids and laugh uproariously at the truck-driving-in-the-river scene in “Open Season.”

Tons of earthworms coming on up to say ‘hi’ now. Or get eaten by our chickens. Who are getting a new coop, by the way!


I’m sure they will be super-psyched about that.

Not as psyched as I’ll be to get new doors though.

Want to hear my biggest peeve now?

Okay, here it is: OUR DOORS.

The doors to our yurt don’t shut all the way. For one of the doors, the catch thing doesn’t work and it can swing open. For the other, the doorknob was knocked off by the kids. What this means is that the dogs can just wander in at any time they want – we have no way at all of keeping them OUT.

The same goes for cold! Coupled with a non-insulated place (with the drywall incomplete), a fireplace that burns in the wrong area (right by the door, so all the heat goes out) and one little tiny propane heater to do the trick, and you have for one Mama that’s not totally tickled pink.

But the kids don’t care and neither does Mikey, really. I’m the minority in this.

Boy, does Moxie ever love Blue Velcro.

Look at that.


Guess what else she loves?!

Running in mud!

Except when she falls in it, maybe!

Cold, wet weather + hot chocolate = bliss.

And that’s a fact.

:// Over and out.



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