love counts chromosomes

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If we were to see Love as the infinite power and creative spirit behind all existence,

If we were able to see, hear and touch all that Love expresses as Love interacts with our children with Down syndrome, I think the poem would go something like this

Love counts chromosomes

Love sees us all as we are.

Love gazes at tilted eyes flecked with stars

Loves counts the chromosomes that created these.

Love sighs happily

Love tenderly regards the flexibility of limb, the petite stature

Love counts the chromosome behind them and Love smiles

Love sees curled ears,

Love is pleased.

Love reflects on the space between toes

That space that is an expression of the extra chromosome

And Love nods.

Love sees a nose, low-bridged and small;

Love winks

Love hears, feels and understands all expression.

And Love values the myriad of ways in which we all learn and experience our lives

Love knows who we are.

Love accepts us.

Love knit our chromosomes in all of our bodies and Love views them as perfect, as they should be, expressions of universal diversity and beauty in the world.

Love holds all in Her gaze,

Love fills each of our hearts and connects us.

Love counts chromosomes – Love counted each and every one.

And loved them.

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  1. I have a 12 year old with Down syndrome and I have never investigated the medical versus the social model of disability but found your link to both types interesting. The medical component tends to focus on the limitations and tries to fit you into a specific box and the social (depending on the source) permits for a broader perspective that works to build from a baseline and (my hope) does not align that limitations exists. Thanks for highlighting this information

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