Mack’s 4 and in cahoots with Moxie most of the time. He’s the yang to her yin and her buddy for most of her adventures. Even as I type this, he’s hanging out and eating apples with her while watching Sesame Street and Micah’s busy building a solar robot.

Get to know Mack –

Potty Training (with & without Down syndrome)

The Best School Ever said that it’s okay that Moxie isn’t potty trained, they want her (and more stuff like that that has me looking at my toes because I’m always worried I’ll start crying over their total awesomeness). But even with them saying so, I know it’s a good thing to get her on

MacQuinn at 5 Months

My little baby with the Old Soul is all of 5 months now. I had hoped when I was pregnant with him that we’d be embarking upon the Pan Am Overland at this point, but it’s looking like August will be our launching date. And you know what? That’s completely fine. I am honestly not

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