Mack’s 3rd Birthday Party

There are so many things that I love about where we are, and parties are one of them. I love that this community does parties like how I imagine Italians do. They are these cross-generational, full-on affairs that are fun for everyone involved. Pinatas are popular here. So is beer!

But as much as I like going to the parties, I confess that I wouldn’t have probably have wanted to throw a party at all though if it weren’t for Brianna here:

brianna and me

You see, she threw this super-fun party for her 3 year old only a month or so after giving birth to her fourth baby! I had a lot of fun at her party, and I felt then for the first time that a party is kind of like a gift, isn’t it? I mean, it’s a gift that you give others – a stage that you set for others to enjoy, right?

I wanted to do the same thing, or at least learn how to give the gift of a party. Because I really suck at it.


I spent over a week preparing – I made around 30 sugar skulls for the kids to decorate, holy cow, I’ve never been so crafty in my life. I made sugar skull cookies too. Oh, and a sugar skull brownie cake!


Then came the golden moment when I realized that I had to transport all of these REALLY BREAKABLE things down the hella bumpy, hard ride from our yurt to the party venue. It was a total facepalm moment, you know, like, whaaaaaaaaaaat was I thinking????!!!!!! Next year: party at our yurt. Fo’ sho

20151023-_DSC8129-2 20151023-_DSC8128-2 20151023-_DSC8127-2 20151023-_DSC8124 20151023-_DSC8133-2 20151023-_DSC8117-2

Kids and a piñata! Is there anything better?!

20151023-_DSC8167-2 20151023-_DSC8160-2 20151023-_DSC8173 20151023-_DSC8169-2 20151023-_DSC8180 20151023-_DSC8186

rockin’ roll mamas

20151023-_DSC8189-2 20151023-_DSC8195-2 20151023-_DSC8197-2 20151023-_DSC8199-2 20151023-_DSC8201-2 20151023-_DSC8193Sorry; I”m turning into one of those people who post 50 pictures of the same thing, aren’t I?!!

Humor me.

20151023-_DSC8209-220151023-_DSC8243-2 20151023-_DSC8220-2 20151023-_DSC8241-2 20151023-_DSC8218-2

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  • Nice shots of Mick and you and of course the kids! Hope you can get some PT somewhere for the ankle or get a list of good stretches and exercises to do for it to strengthen as it starts to recover or you may be at risk of re-injuring it. Such a bummer but I know you will have a blast in Vietnam.

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