MacQuinn: 3 Months

We’re settling in over here.

The little man is growing.

I put this on him the other day and lo!


IMG_8189He’s outgrown some of the newborn things.

Mr. Chunkylicious

IMG_8193I love his round belly

IMG_8194His overall good nature

IMG_8197Don’t get me wrong. The kid can scream. I mean, he can belt it with the best I’ve ever seen. He can – and has! – easily scream for an hour or more without stopping. He startles easily and can be extremely hard to settle once he’s riled.

IMG_8176Luckily that doesn’t happen all that often.

CheckΒ  out those ears!

IMG_8179Mikey calls them “butterfly ears”.

Micah thinks they have a vulcan look to them.

I think they are hilarious.

And adorable, just like him.

Overall, things are settling down. My fog is lifting, I’m feeling a bit more like myself, whatever that means.


The kids seem to be getting used to it all too. To him.

IMG_8278Him to them.

IMG_8276And back.

Life: it’s getting better. I think it’s something about having passed that 3 month mark, isn’t it?


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