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My little baby with the Old Soul is all of 5 months now.

I had hoped when I was pregnant with him that we’d be embarking upon the Pan Am Overland at this point, but it’s looking like August will be our launching date. And you know what? That’s completely fine. I am honestly not disappointed about postponing the leaving date – we have a lot of preparation that we need to do still and I’d rather delay leaving and have these ducks lined up then leave and crash into them on the road.

I think this little Bubba will be fine with it.

He’s a sweet, sweet, delicious baby.

photo 3

The kind who giggles in his sleep.

photo 1

He’s usually a laid back fellow.

Full disclosure: he’s usually a laid back fellow as long as I’m with him, as long as I’m holding him.

photo 3

He tolerates other people – any arms are better than no arms! – but I can’t remember my other kids being as attached to me as he is.

Mommy’s boy.

photo 2

Yeah…poor mommy…!


Little Man Mack-aroo is teething something fierce these days

photo 2

He puts as many fingers into his mouth as he can fit.

That is, when he’s not nursing ( – or just chomping down on me)

photo 5

In terms of “real” food, he’s had it twice now (thanks, Daddy!)

photo 5photo 4

He liked it.

But nothing – not bottle, not formula, let me tell you, NOTHING beats his love for Mama’s Milk.You should see the way he shakes with joy and jumps around, besides himself in full-bodied ecstatic anticipation when he sees the nursing bra clasp being unsnapped!

So I’m glad that’s working out. Finally.

photo 3

He’s tight with both of his siblings.

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

You know, having 3 kids hasn’t been easy for me.

It’s really kicked me in the ass and brought me to a new level of humility ( – I can do nothing!) and appreciation ( – I am  sane again!). I don’t mean that in an ‘awww, shucks’ sort of relate-to-me-I’m-a-fun-mommy-blogger way; I mean that in a very literal, this-thing-almost-got-me-way.

“Almost,” though. Almost got me.

But it didn’t.

So I’m taking the best parts – the humility and appreciation. They are rolled up and double dipped in gratitude. Gratitude to have these kids, gratitude be witness to sweet moments like the ones captured above.

The love these kids have for one another!

It’s palpable!

First thing in the morning, before anything, Micah and Moxie clamber over to give their little brother a hug, a kiss.

photo 3

Every. Single. Morning.


photo 1

This photo is my favorite one right now.

photo 5

No, wait, this one is!

Ugh. It’s a hard call.

Which one is yours?

I find myself gazing at these two for hours during their daily naptime. I wonder what it’s going to be like for them in the future, wonder how they will get along, if their love will continue, strong and true. I hope so. I guess we won’t know until the moment comes, but in this here and now, they cuddle tight and caress one another with their dimpled hands, milky breath.

photo 4

photo 4

I’ll leave you here.


Before I sign off, I wanted to share two quick things:

1. Stay tuned to this blog on Thursday. I’ll be introducing a new series, tentatively still called the “Cool Cats”. It’s going to be a weekly profile on an interesting person with a disability. Same set of questions for everyone. What’s not to love about that? I know! So stay tuned.

2. Making your life a little easier:

All the photos in this post were posted on instagram (I’m @withalittlemoxie there if you’d like to follow the feed).

photo 1

Blurb offered me an early bird trial of their  Designer Photo Book Templates and I accepted – I created this book in all of 10 minutes using photos from my instagram feed. No, I’m not kidding. 10 minutes.

 If you head over to Blurb now and create one of their new Designer Books using the code DESIGNMYBOOK, you’ll receive 20% off your order.

photo 2You can thank me later.

Best photo book, ever.



Happy hump day. Or whatever it is that they call Tuesday these days.


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  1. I don’t know about a favorite. The photos of Moxie and Mac are beyond ridiculous. And the sleeping giggler!!! So glad that he’s a happy guy and that he’s nursing well. I know all about having a very attached little one, and one who goes into spasms of delight at the sound of the nursing bra clasp.

  2. Starrlife says:

    God you are braver than me in so many ways! There is something about Mac that just makes me giggle every time I see him….and your photos capture your kids love perfectly. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. I hear you. 3 kids is hard. It changes everything. 3 kids and the other challenges you face, wow! I admire your resilience… and your honesty. Your children are beautiful. The photo’s are beautiful. Good Luck.

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