Making Your Website More Disability-Friendly

For most people, we don’t even think about what it would be like to be missing limbs. Our arms, hands, and fingers are simply just taken for granted. It’s difficult to put yourself in the shoes of someone who lives their life in a wheelchair. A morbid subject, to say the least, not many of us even want to close our eyes and imagine life without these basics. Yet throughout the world people with disabilities live life just as we do. They shop, go out with friends, watch movies and drive cars. Businesses know that every customer counts, they would be foolish to miss out on a certain niche section of society just because they didn’t bother to innovate. Not many disabled people can indeed spend a lot of time shopping around physically. It takes time, and it’s exhausting, so they do most of their shopping online. To make a gain where others are making a loss, you can adapt your business to be more disabled-friendly.

Credit coyot

Size matters

People born with visual disabilities have some of the greatest challenges in society. The basic life necessity of vision is taken from them, and they need to adapt to the rest of the world. Special glasses are made for eyes that cannot filter light properly and see writing clearly. However, computer screens give off their own brightness and have complex displays that make it difficult for those who are disabled to see as we do. By offering a magnification website option, and increasing the size of the text, prices, product images, product descriptions and videos, you’re not leaving anybody out. By a simple click, they can increase or decrease the field of view and better understand just what it is they’re looking at.

The need for proof

All businesses and customers need to have a mutual trust between each other. Technology is evolving, but crooks and scammers are also trying to figure out new ways to commit online crimes. They will actively target people with disabilities. One way you can authenticate your users is to ask for information that is only known to themselves. When making a purchase, one way to clarify just who it is ordering a product from your website is to employee document verification. State of the art fraud detection by will spot any peculiarities such as the wrong house number, name, age, street name, etc. it’s a great way to keep users safe and allow those who may not be able to use the internet as other people can, to have a stopgap measure against cybercrime.

Videos for the deaf

Regardless of what type of person visits your website, uploading your own videos to explain all manners of your business is a fantastic idea. Not only is it a way to engage the audience with increased success, but you can explain a product or service much easier. For those who are deaf, however, it’s important you don’t leave them out. Make sure you have subtitles at the bottom of your videos so they can read along and understand what they’re watching.

Nowadays it’s a race to see who will be the last one to have holes in their market outreach. Businesses are catering to all kinds of people because just as every penny counts for their profit margins, so does every customer.