Memes by Me: Imaginary Friends and Down syndrome "Experts"

I did it!

Made my very own memes. How fun.


And I won't complain if you love them all over the place and validate my Grandma's belief that I truly am good enough, smart enough…and gosh darn it, I can make me some e-cards!


And! Speaking of Moxie, here's the other:

Now, if we could just figure out a way to add this automatically to the dumb comments those "experts" make to awesome articles written by parents in the know, we'd be set, wouldn't we.


Meriah Nichols is teacher and artist who lives in a yurt off the grid. She is deaf, has 3 kids (one with Down syndrome) and a lot of chickens. She writes about travel, disability, and getting dishes done. She likes her tea Earl Grey and hot.


#deaf mom, teacher & #disability activist, living in a yurt #offthegrid. 3 kids (1 with #downsyndrome), a camera and a lot of chickens. Never a dull moment
This is a really fantastic idea and tutorial - book mark it! - 8 hours ago
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