I’m Meriah. I’m a teacher, an artist/photographer, cat lover, traveler, third culture kid (I grew up outside the US). I’m a trekkie nerd and movie junkie.

I also wake up at 5 every morning.

I write this blog to combine my love of teaching, my passion for disability rights, employment and stories with my photography.

I keep this space honest and real, and work to building bridges between the disability, deaf and parent communities – I am, after all, a deaf mom who has TBI, PTSD and bi-polar disorder. I also have a child with Down syndrome.

Click here to read the longer version of my life story

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  1. interesting piece re morgan freeman, the whole word, concept, so complicated! hope you know about the CCAC? join us if you can – has the info, cheers, lauren/founder of ccac, volunteer advocates for captioning

  2. Hi Meriah,

    Great website! My wife and I have disabilities, and have been helping people with disabilities for many years, as you’ll see from our “Agape Restoration Society” website. We also have a grandson with Asperger’s Syndrome. But we don’t let those things hold us back!

    Keep up the good work, and may God bless you!

    Bob & Cheryl Hosken

  3. Hi Meriah! Have only just found your blog and loving it for the honest way you write and as a teacher, I am so impressed with your latest post and the way you have looked at both sides of the education coin regarding Moxie . I wish I could express myself half as well as you do. Looking forward to the next post while I gradually make my way through your archives!

  4. Amazing story. I’ll definitely be following along. If you get as far south as Colombia, please reach out. I’d love to meet. I’m in Bogota. Safe trip and have a great time!

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