It Took a Deaf Lady in Budapest

This is a photo-heavy travel post about Budapest I was fascinated by so much that I saw in Budapest. The grocery stores, markets, food gyros! meat at the market hungarian chipschips some kind of ice cream cheetos! marzipan hawaii mix! my kids were so excited such huge cauliflower! hungarian langos mini market meats holding that

Susie, Budapest, and Getting My Ass Kicked

This is a travel post about arriving in the train station Budapest and finding our way to the Air B n' B through public transport. Budapest dazzled and intrigued me as we stepped off the train at the Kaleti station. Like a glorious glass lace building, it’s arches soared and sunlight poured in. It was

On the Night Train to Budapest

This is a travel post about taking the sleeper train in Europe (from Utrecht in the Netherlands to Budapest, Hungary) There was a change in plan. My mom, whom we were going to meet at Nijmegen, Netherlands after her conference was finished, had to delay her departure from the US. That meant that the kids

Disability Access in Holland

This is a travel post about physical access in Holland (the Netherlands). It includes opinion about Dutch euthanasia, eugenics and the differences between the Netherlands and the United States with regard to disability rights and access. You know how you don't really miss something you've never had? Like, you kind of bumble around life, stumble

Welcome to Holland

This is a travel post. In the Down syndrome community, there is a famous missive called, "Welcome to Holland." It was written in the 80's by Emily Perl Kinglsey (who was a writer at Sesame Street - you can thank her for a lot of the inclusion that went on there). A lot of people

Have Disability, Will Travel

We're leaving for Europe soon.  It occurred to me recently that this is kind of funny, with regard to disability. All of us except for one person (- Mack, my youngest child), has a disability! We've got my mom, who has an Acquired Brain Injury, PTSD, post concussion syndrome and dizziness and balance issues (related

We Are Going to Europe!

First of all, let me jump and down and squeeeeeeeel: we are going to Europe!!we are going to Europe!!we are going to Europe!! !!!!!!!! Here are the nuts and bolts: My mom is taking the kids and I on a Heritage Tour: we're going to go to all of the places where her family is

Traveling With a Child with Down Syndrome

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below - if you buy something using them, it helps me pay for this site but costs you nothing extra. Thanks for your support! How to Travel With a Child With Down Syndrome I've seen a lot of questions about traveling with a child with Down syndrome on Down syndrome

beef, beans and grief

I got into a conversation with the woman sitting at the table next to us at Beef & Beans, a summer event of American awesomeness at our local grange. I had never met her before, but Mikey told me that her husband did the wiring for our addition, before Dana left. "I liked what you

Bike Rides & Home Study: This Week on the Lost Coast

Simple things from this week on the Lost Coast

The Law with Teeth: the Reason I Won’t Live Outside the U.S.

I’ve lived all over the place, and traveled past that. And while I deeply love the countries that raised me (namely, Fiji and Japan), I don’t think I will ever live outside the United States again for any great length of time. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is why. What does the ADA mean, exactly?

Why Frida Kahlo Remains Relevant

“Oh my God!”, Mikey exclaimed as he read about Frida Kahlo for the first time, “she’s like someone you would be crazy about; a painter AND disabled!” Later he added that if she were alive, I’d probably be stalking her. I started my “Frida Period” when I lived in Tucson, Arizona about 20 years ago. I

The ‘Momcation’

Mikey and I agreed that after my heavy solo-parenting gig of the summer and also solo-care of our chitlins during stretches when Mikey left the farm to buy a truck (or visit friends), I deserved a break, a Momcation. Like, a real momcation, without even one child with me, completely solo. So I signed up

Beyond Awareness: The Disability Acceptance Tour

It’s good to see people with disabilities doing something out of the ordinary. Good to see children with disabilities traveling and exploring the world. Good to see parents with disabilities being parents, good to see pictures and read stories that are about humor, power, understanding and connecting. We need those stories, all of ’em. In This

Horse Therapy and Down syndrome?!

One of the first things that we learned here was that Moxie’s pre-school teacher has a coincidental background in Special Education and practices horse therapy in her spare time. Some might call that “coincidence” but I like to call it the Universe aligning stars for our Rainbow. Cheesy, a bit? Yeah, maybe, but how else

Unicorns, Magic and Friendly Insects

The days slipped by like beads upon a rosary, easily, and semi-contemplatively. (I was going to say “quietly”, but we have three kids; who would I be fooling?!) While they were not quiet, the days were easy, moving forward with happiness and in that zennish state you get when you are on the beach for

Visiting CRIT in La Paz, Mexico: Centro de Rehabilitacion Infantil Teleton

I gotta admit that I was getting a little annoyed. First there was a lot of dead silence from disability organizations in the US that I was trying to contact to make connections with other groups or people in Mexico. I mean, I know people are busy, but gimme a break! Not responding at all,


When I found out that I was pregnant with a baby with Down syndrome, I barely made it home before the howls came. The howls that had me on my knees that felt like they made their way up from my soul, out through my mouth. Each tear that came with them felt laced with

The Road Less Traveled: The Connection Between Travel & Disability & Living a Life with Moxie

This blog now seems to have an audience that is made up of travelers, people with disabilities and parents of kids with special needs/disabilities. This makes sense to me, because, after all, living life in a unique way is something that all three of these groups have in common, right? In This Post You Will

The Road Less Traveled: The Connection Between Travel & Disability

This blog now seems to have an audience that is made up of travelers, people with disabilities and parents of kids with special needs/disabilities. This makes sense to me, because, after all, living life in a unique way is something that all three of these groups have in common, right? In This Post You Will

Stories of Growing Moxie: Choices & Challenges

One of the things I love about road travel is how conducive it is to reflection. I’ve been reflecting on moxie. I’m going to be honest here: I’ve wanted to put this post out forever. But I keep feeling like I’m too small fry of a blog, too much of a dork, I’m not cool

Taking a Page from the Coneheads

Mikey and I decided to introduce the children to that great American classic, “The Coneheads“. Okay, that kind of came out like a pre-thought thing – it was more like he was surfing movies with Micah, they started watching it and I caught wind of it and was all, “WAAAAAIT!!! I LOVE THE CONEHEADS!!!” –

Child Safety: 5 Things that Will Help Keep Your Bolting Child Safe

In This Post You Will Find:Child Safety:1. GPS tracking device.2. ID Bracelets:3. Sound Alerts:4. Barriers5. While Out: Simple Solutions Child Safety: I’d like to be able to just let my kids roam freely. But my daughter Moxie figured out a way to escape recently. She took her brother’s stool, put it under the door, unlocked

If I Could Move Into An Aquarium…

If I could move into an aquarium, I would.   I’d take my family too, of course. The only problem is that the fish might not be cool with our cooking ’em after looking at ’em…  

Shut the Full Cup Up: First World Problems

First world problems: It’s impossible not to laugh as we remember our own chip/dip quandries of taking ourselves and our meager little lives and problems too seriously. In This Post You Will Find:Only, well, I kind of do feel sorry for First World Problems.We yearn to be known, to be understood.This isn’t to say that

A Walk in the Woods

When we were up in Humboldt last week,  we all went for a walk in the Lady Bird Johnson Grove. This is a great little trail to walk with kids – it’s also completely accessible (wheelchair and stroller friendly; lots of benches niftily perked throughout for people that need breaks). The thing about redwoods is

“The Eye Altering” + Photo Bomb

…So, I’ve been depressed again.   It wasn’t just the IEP meeting – that was kind of the whipped cream, chocolate sauce and cherry on the sundae that was already built.   I don’t know…it seems to me that I’m dealing less and less well with the Bay Area. I’m really grateful for the water

Travel. Poop. And Special Needs

I want to make this really simple. This post is about travel, poop and having a child with special needs. Do yourself a favor and don’t read it if you don’t have kids. Mm’kay? Just head on down the list of posts and read something else that might make more sense for you. ****** One

funday friday: roundup of random

This has been a weird, rather sleep-deprived week for me. Weird because I’m still sussing out my feelings on the holidays and feeling rather drenched in Christmas when I’m not sure I want to be. Do you? Are you one of those people that Love Christmas? Or Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, what else is there? Are you

dreaming big

Someone once said that to be truly happy in this life, you need to love, you need to be loved and you need to have something to look forward to. I don’t know how true that it for you, but it’s pretty spot-on for me. I find that I slip-slide into dark murky places my