Micah, The Crocodile and Celestun (Photo Essay)

We splurged on a boat trip in Celestun and it was absolute magic. Our guide (“Jesus” was his name) took us to the flamingos, by islands chock full of Pelicans, through a mangrove tunnel and to a natural hot spring.

He didn’t, however, tell us to watch out for crocodiles in the hot spring… and when Micah was in the water, Mikey spotted one not two feet from where he was.

We’ve never seen Micah swim so fast!

Here are the photos from the trip:

meriah nichols mexico-52


meriah nichols mexico-45

meriah nichols mexico-44

meriah nichols mexico-35

meriah nichols mexico-21

meriah nichols mexico-16

meriah nichols mexico-15

meriah nichols mexico-12

meriah nichols mexico-10

meriah nichols mexico-6

meriah nichols mexico-5

meriah nichols mexico-4

meriah nichols mexico-2

meriah nichols mexico-33

meriah nichols mexico-30Details:

This was the official boat tour.

Cost: 1200 pesos for an hour and a half. We caught it right by the bridge and they let us camp for free in the parking lot (very decent parking lot camping, by the way, but those mosquitoes were like small blood thirsty birds, they were so big).



I actually think it was more wheelchair accessible than not. There were ramps everywhere. Not leading into the boat, but if you had help with transferring, you’d be good to go.

meriah nichols mexico

The stop by the hot springs isn’t though. I was crazy to walk it with crutches.


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  • OH MY GOD! I AM IN AWE – thank you so much for these photos – for the stories – for this blog. I so look forward every day or whenever you are able to do one, to partake of its deliciousness. It is to me, like seeing reflections of God – the quality of Beauty that is God that He has reflected here and there throughout this planet. I could see awe and a freedom of spirit that that Beauty brings, shinning through everyone’s face. would! I t Wow. So glad you did that!! I can’t believe the crocodile swimming by Micah! what a shock I think I would freeze from fear! good for him to swim swiftly away! Bummer re crutches though – hope your foot is getting better. Love to you all.

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