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I had about an hour yesterday morning to try and squeeze in some running. Since my uterus still felt a bit weird from having the CVS on Tuesday, I ended up mostly quick-walking and not running…but it was fine. It felt good to be stretching the limbs, good to be out, good to not be stepping over snails at every turn as I had early Tuesday.

I put the fanny pack thing that Mikey got me around my waist – I have reached new levels of dorkdom and don’t even care – adjusted it. It feels off, just like my pants and underwear are starting to. I’m as big now as I was when I was 5 months pregnant with Micah – and I’m not even 3 months yet. It’s true what they say about your body remembering…mine gets a baby and like a football linebacker, races to the end right away. Full bloom, baby! Full bloom. That’s me.

As I was walking yesterday, I was thinking of the race on May 6th and how much I’m looking forward to it. I think it would be lovely to be running (or probably, more a combination of run/walking) under all those redwoods in the Avenue of the Giants. I thought of how grateful I am to everyone for all the donations – some of which are made so generously, so thoughtfully and with real sacrifice. I thought of what I can possibly give back to everyone.

I thought of Connie Tumuvicas, a friend of mine from grad school who died of cancer – oh God, just thinking of her and her daughter makes my eyes fill up. Connie’s family made a traveling heart – a heart that was sent to various close friends, travelled to everyone with love. They’d wear it in memory of Connie for something special, like Meredith wore it when completing her half marathon (or was it a full?). I love that idea.

I thought maybe what I will do is craft a heart to put on my shirt – two of them. One one side, I will have Oliver’s name and perhaps photo, as well as the names of others that are currently battling leukemia – like Sarah’s brother, like little Rosaleigh. I’ll also have the names of those that have passed on, my ghostly angelic cheerleaders. On the other, I will have the names of everyone who has donated – because all of you are ready in my heart and I hold you close for the support you have showered upon me.

The raffle is still going: only about $200 more to raise!!

It will end as soon as the goal is met.

PLEASE – donate today. Donate HERE

  Back to yesterday.

I came home and found Moxie-licious hanging out with her Daddy in the new/old Volvo

This girl has so much spirit and well…moxie!

 Later, we went to visit my beloved friend Katherine and she ran us all in circles, figuring out new ways to dodge us and climb up Katherine’s stairs.

She was really tired by the time I took this picture (that’s Katherine’s daughter in the foreground – isn’t she lovely!), but prior to this, Moxie was goggle-eyed by Katherine’s signing. Moxie doesn’t really talk – she’ll say some things here and there which we know means this, that or that-over-there. She mostly signs. I am terrible at signing with speaking and just pull out random signs for very specific words – not, I am well aware, the best way to teach. 

Katherine however, signs while she talks and Moxie was Eating.It.Up. I’m not sure I have ever seen her so quiet and absorbed when interacting with someone and that is truly a heads-up: Moxie needs more signing.


And back to donation: if you haven’t donated yet, PLEASE, PLEASE do. Give for life. Give for research. Give knowing you are truly helping someone. 

If that doesn’t move you, give because you can claim it on your taxes next year.

And if that doesn’t move you, give, just pretending you are taking me out to dinner in your hometown or something like that. Or for a coffee, a really expensive Japanese one!

Thank you.

On that note, I leave you.

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