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very messy food prep stationLast week I prepped like a wild woman.

It was nuts, but there is nothing like opening the fridge door and seeing this:

Salad in a Jar

jars filled with food line the shelf in a fridge

And an arsenal of healthy food that visually assaults.

It’s Motivational.  (“Motivation Monday”, as opposed to “Transformation Tuesday” – that’s cuz “Motivation Monday” is becoming a *thing* and ever since I learned the Marcarena approximately 5 years after everyone else, I love the idea of being with a thing at the time the thing is happening. The end.)

Being motivational, I thought I’d tell you about the best thing of the bunch that I prepped*.

Salad in a Jar

It’s another macarena moment, for sure. Everyone else has been doing Salad in a jar for probably most of my lifetime, but I only *just* heard of it. WHERE HAVE I BEEN?! This stuff is amazeballs. You gotta try it if you haven’t already.

It goes like this:

Meriah Nichols Salad in a Jar #MotivationMonday

This is the thing: THE LETTUCE STAYS FRESH. The key to keeping it fresh is making sure that the dressing and the lettuce are on opposite ends of the jar and well buffered by the filling stuff.

A few things:

  • The holy grail of Salad in a Jar: dressing at the bottom and greens at the top, preferably with buffers of other things in between. Keep them as far away from each other as possible.
  • Add grains/protein (or a mix of both) in the buffer area – it makes the salad really filling and allows you the chance to lively it all up, big time. Think, chicken, beans, quinoa, etc.
  • Pack ’em tight: don’t allow wiggle room for the sections to move around
  • For the 21 Day Fix, just measure out the components in your salad using the colored boxes! So. Easy.

I used pint-sized mason jars – perfect size – and I dumped it out into a bowl, mixed and ate. It was absolutely delicious.

I also made LARGE sized “Salad in a Tub” for the family, because I wanted to be able to have one healthy item for dinner each night pre-made so it would motivate me to carry it forward. Totally worked – we ate better last week than we have in a long time and it felt great. More motivation for keeping it up!

Meriah Nichols Salad in a Jar #MotivationMonday

* The other great thing was the Overnight Oats, and cutting up veggies for snacking.

Hang out with me on Pinterest for more Salad-in-a-Jar ideas and motivation for this


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