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This is a list of movies about rare diseases and disorders. The movies below are linked to wherever I could find the movies – Netflix, YouTube, Amazon.  I tried to provide the free version whenever possible. If you find a better link than what we have here, please let us know in the comments and I’ll update this post (same goes for movies that should be in this list!).

Also! Don’t forget: the US library carries movies and will accept requests for movies. If you want to watch something listed below, but can’t rent, buy or find it for free, request it from your local library!

As you watch these movies, please keep in mind that there is not a lot of disability representation in these movies. Most of these actors are non-disabled, and this is problem in our disability community. The movies may also be inaccurate with regard to the disability. Keep that as fodder for discussion and learning.

Rare Diseases and Disorders:

February largely features rare diseases and disorders in terms of Disability Awareness focus:

This being so,  we’ve collected books and movies about rare diseases and disorders to read and learn more. 


Movies on Rare Diseases that You Might Be Interested in Watching:


The story of a boy who has craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, an extremely rare disorder. This is a fantastic movie that has it all: fierce mom, alternative living, fighting with the school for inclusion and more. A must-see. You can watch it on Netflix DVD (not streaming, unfortunately), and on Amazon. I couldn’t find it on YouTube either. Request it from your library if they don’t have it: this is a classic.

The Mighty

A movie about the friendship between two boys, one of whom has Morquio syndrome. Rent it on YouTube for $2.99 and it’s available on Netflix DVD (not streaming in America though).

The Life We Live

A full free documentary that is not captioned about a family with daughters who have NUBPL.


A Netflix original (so only available on Netflix streaming) about chronic illness, ME.

We discussed it in our Disability Movie Club.

The Tic Code

A movie about friendship, love and Tourette’s! It’s available on Netflix DVD (not streaming),and Amazon – I couldn’t find the full movie on YouTube, sorry.

Brain on Fire

A Netflix original movie (so, only available on Netflix streaming) about a woman who is eventually diagnosed with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis) – We’re discussing this February 28th (information linked here).

The Elephant Man

A film  about a man who lived in the late 1800’s who most likely had Proteus Syndrome. Also available on Netflix DVD, $2.99 rental on YouTube, and there is also a free QED documentary about the real man on YouTube.

Love & Other Drugs

A movie about a woman with Parkinson’s who falls in love with a drug company representative. It’s available on Netflix DVD (not streaming) and Amazon.

Afflicted – a Netflix series about people who have chronic illnesses – got slammed in HuffPost. That something is hated by us in the disability community isn’t necessarily a reason to not watch a movie (- Million Dollar Baby comes to mind); it could be fodder for some great discussions. So keep the door open and walk through it  knowing that this series is hated by a lot of people with chronic illnesses.

Lorenzo’s Oil

The story of parents search to find treatment for their son Lorenzo’s adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a deadly genetic disease. It’s available for rent ($3.99) on YouTube, on Amazon, and Netflix DVD and streaming.

The King’s Speech

The true story of King George and his stuttering (is stuttering really a rare disease? I’m not sure, but it seems rare enough to include here…please correct if wrong!). You can watch it on Netflix DVD  and streaming (linked below), and on Amazon. Your local library is likely to have it, too, as it’s recent (but not brand new!)

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

Early (pre-Grease) John Travolta! This is the story of a boy born without an immune system and his reach for love with the girl next door. You can watch it on Netflix DVD, and on Amazon.

Bubble Boy

Inspired by the Boy in the Plastic Bubble (see previous movie), and written by the same authors. It’s about a boy born without an immune system who builds a protective bubble for himself so he can chase his love across the country and win her. You can watch it on Netflix DVD, and on Amazon

There We Go: The Movies About Rare Diseases and Disorders

That completes the list right now. Please drop a comment with a better way to watch a movie (free is great!) or movies about rare diseases and disorders that you recommend. We want to keep this list growing, relevant, informative and awesome.

Books About Rare Diseases 

Rare diseases and disorders are something we’re always interested in learning more about.

These books will help to shed light on some aspects of a few rare diseases

Also, don’t forget to join the Disability Book and Movie Club on Facebook for more discussion.

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