Moxie Got Her Hair Cut

The last time Moxie got her haircut was in 2011, right when we went to LaPaz, Mexico. The story of that can be found here, and I felt bad about it for a long time – I did an awful job.


She pulled it off well though. Like she does everything.


A year when by – and then some – and her hair was making me think of Baby Rapunzel


Oh, you can’t see the back that well in this one, can you? Here’s another:

See that? Half way down her back!

But…sigh. Also those. Super shaggy, face covering. I can deal with super shaggy, but face covering is hard – it means we have to tie her hair back AT ALL TIMES. Even sleep, because when she wakes up, she can’t see for all the hair over her eyes.

Holding her down to tie her hair back is about as much fun as holding back a frothing Cujo who smells meat in the next room.


We thought we ought to trim up her bangs. Not the back. Just the bangs.

After calling the local beauty college (15 minute wait! And no openings), we just went to a place called Happy Cuts. An auspicious name. Right close by. Open.

This is what Happy Cuts is like:

It’s  a kids emporium of toys, videos, and dig those car seats!

This, my friends, is what you pay $16 for!

And then of course, some lighting-fast hands. She needed them, because Moxie not only does not like people messing with her hair (see the Cujo reference above), but she doesn’t like movies much. Yes, even Elmo, which the hairdresser had popped in.

Me: Just the front – not the back!

Hairdresser: Okay, just the front, not the back

Me: Yes! Just the front, not the back!

She whipped in and wouldn’t you know it – and I’ll bet you were kind of expecting this –

cut the back.


I’m the deaf one, OKAY?

I was that curious mixture of really pissed and really happy and I couldn’t quite sort it all out. Then the hairdresser lady whipped this out

The hair from the back! I’ll bet she keeps some little stash of hair that mothers begged her not to cut  – bwha-ha-ha!! – and laughs with glee over her power. You know, when she’s doing her taxes or something.

And so. A week later. Moxie likes her cut – she can see! – I am getting used to it. I think my Mom can’t quite wrap her mind around the fact a professional stylist gave Moxie shag bangs and so simply believes I did it.

What do you think?

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