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Moxie got her ears cleaned and checked this week. That is, the ENT (- which means the Ear, Nose and Throat) guy strapped her down to this thing called a “Papoose” so she looked like this:

papooseOnly – dare I say? – more adorable. She was comfortable but confused. The ENT was fabulous, really deserves a 5-stars (which he will get when the hospital sounds me that “How Did He Do?” questionnaire). He was with Moxie the whole time, talking to her, calming her. When I suggested he show her the wax, he readily assented and complied. Moxie was fascinated. That much wax! HOLY COW!


Those among you reading who are squeamish…well, let’s just say that you are probably prettttttttttyyyyyyyyy glad I didn’t take any pictures of that! haha.

So then we trotted on back to the waiting room to play for a while

IMG_7863 IMG_7865 IMG_7867

Then headed ¬†over to the Audiologist and I was all hopeful-dipped-in-skeptical because let me tell you one thing: I know my audiologists! Ha. I’ve been in and out of those sound proof boxes since I was probably conceived. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but just barely.


IMG_7871 IMG_7877

So we went into this Audiologist’s beige sound-proof box (why are they always beige, by the way? can’t they make them in any other colour? ever?) and I was impressed because this guy was all about Moxie. He was talking completely to her, all of his attention was focused, respectful, polite. I really liked the way he talked to her.

She did too. Because she quickly relaxed and played along with what he wanted her to play along with, stacked the ring things and lifted her hand at the tone and all that stuff.IMG_7889

I got a weird feeling mid way through. I realized that Moxie – my daughter with Down syndrome – was responding to sounds that I could not hear AT ALL. I mean, not a squeak. Not a pip. Zilch. Nada.

It was an interesting feeling.


I can’t say I was proud of her – no, pride wasn’t the feeling. I wasn’t sad because I can’t hear what she did. No. It was more this strangely surreal moment of recognizing this truth: my daughter hears things I never will. Wow.

They say our children are more than we’ll ever be, huh. I just never expected it to happen so soon.



Moxie’s ears are now as wax-free as they are likely to ever be and her hearing is excellent. Her eye surgery is still scheduled for August 1st. Thanks to everyone for your super awesome vibes & healing energy – and thank you to Auntie Jane – Moxie *loves* her lamb (and Micah is now singing, “Moxie had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb… Moxie had a little lamb…“)!! xo




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  1. That looks a lot different than the way Kamdyn has always had hers done. Interesting. That’s great that Moxie was so willing to cooperate. Kamdyn isn’t always. We did an abr, so we know her hearing is fine when she has her tubes in. That would be pretty wild to realize she can hear things you can’t.

    1. I think the MAIN reason Moxie was so cooperative was because I was able to be right there with her and also because that doctor REALLY DID rock. He was amazing.

      It is kind of wild… I mean, I knew that already because she has alerted me to the door being knocked upon, Micah calling for me, etc, but it was weird to really see it in a hearing test….

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