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I suck. Moxie's 6 month mark came and went. My little Precious Plum has been with us in this here world for more than half a year. 


Better late than never, I thought I'd catch you up on some stats as a sort of celebration:

  • She is almost 14lbs and is over 20 inches. 
  • She's babbling, sits up in the human chair for long periods. 
  • Moves and grooves and comments on just about everything. 
  • She is growing a uni-brow! So "frida kahlo".
  • She's also eating solid baby food and digging it. 
  • Had her first real poop and evidently had some mixed feelings about that 
  • She enjoys munching on her toes

And other things


She's inquisitive

 And a delightful bundle of snuggaliciousness. For sure.

and she's got moxie, that Moxie!

Happy Half Year, HoneyBun!

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  1. I know how you feel about her taking off my daughter is 17 yr old and still take off

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