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Moxie Scarves: Giveaway!

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Month with Moxie: Celebration Giveaway

Moxie was born in May 2010 with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. She had already miraculously healed from her diffuse fetal hydrops and the holes in her heart. She was named "Moxie" as she had shown that she was full of it: courage. Verve. Vigor.

Moxie has challenged us to do the same: to live our life, our one precious life, with a little



This month is Down syndrome Awareness Month and we are celebrating a Month with Moxieliving life with moxie.


We have a host of awesome Awareness Champions that will be helping us all celebrate by giving you really cool products they made or produce.


Today's Champion is Sweet Redemption, and this is a message from owner/creator Jess:


What an honor to be a tiny part of such an important celebration!  A beautiful man once said, "If anything matters, then everything matters."

Life is to be lived fully… from the inside out.  Every single person on the face of the planet is a unique, perfectly crafted work of art!  We long to look in the mirror and find something to celebrate – to look into the face of another person and celebrate!  Too often we find instead disappointment, judgement, sadness and rejection.

This month we celebrate the lovely people with (as Meriah calls it) the gift of an extra chromosome – because in my experience – these amazing people reflect back to us what we long to see.  A ready smile, a unique perspective, and always… sunshine. 

I have gone through struggles… as everyone has… and I have come to hold onto that quote like a lifeline – I matter! You matter! Life is precious and worth every second of living it!  My art is a way of celebrating those moments – one step at a time – allowing room for the lament, knowing that the bitter only makes the sweet more sweet.  Sweet Redemption is about just that… that beauty can be found anywhere – if you only have the eyes to see it! 

I am filled with gratitude as I celebrate with you!  I hope that whoever "wins" one of my Moxie Scarves will wrap themselves in a little more spunk… fortify with fortitude… and BE exactly who you ARE! 

I will also be releasing limited editions of my Moxie Scarves all throughout the month of October on my Etsy shop.  I will be donating $5 from every scarf to a fund to get Meriah and her family on their way to their dream of raising awareness globally and eventually providing employment training for people with disabilities. 

So – scurry on over to my Etsy shop and get your Moxie scarf – wear it proudly and celebrate life!

x jess
Facebook: Sweet Redemption Fiber Art

These scarves are BEAUTIFUL – they are made of alpaca wool with SPARKLE – they are butter soft with vibrant, deliciously playful colours

Verve! Vigor!

You know. Kind of like a little girl I know…


There are two scarves, one that is yellow/green/grey with silver sparkles and the other is purple/pink/fuschia/magenta with silver sparkles


To enter, just answer the following question below (or on the With a Little Moxie facebook page): what's your favorite colour? There will be 2 winners for this giveaway!


[sorry, because of pricey shipping, this giveaway is limited to the US/Canada; giveaway ends October 11th, midnight Pacific, winners announced on the blog on Friday the 12th – email address MUST be attached to comment]

Happy Month with Moxie, and please don't forget to swing by Jess's shop on etsy and show her some love. AND! Did you catch the part about Jess donating $5 off of every order toward our PAN AM OVERLAND trip in which we will seek out our Inn?! YES!

Thank you, Jess!

winners chosen by – #2, Deanna and #9, Jennifer

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Saturday 13th of October 2012

My favorite color is lavendar but, really I just love color.


Saturday 13th of October 2012

Purple is my favorite color.

susan smoaks

Friday 12th of October 2012

my favorite color is purple

Angela H

Friday 12th of October 2012

My favorite color would have to be pink.  


thisisme79 @ gmail dot com

addrienne mertens

Friday 12th of October 2012

Fuschia and purple..pinks of all kinds! i love the purple hair color of the person above! beautiful!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.