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Rock on! You guys are sending Moxie to camp! I could not be more thankful.

Here are the series of videos that I posted for her on Instagram, “Moxie’s Mahalos” in which everyone who contributed to sending her to camp is thanked. By Moxie.

You guys…. she was fully funded by you in about 3 days.

You truly are her village, supporting her as she moves on to a super cool new adventure!

Like Moxie said in her video, she’d love to send everyone who supported her in this a thank you card – please email me your address! And she also said that if you would like to continue to support a kid with Down syndrome to go to camp – or wanted to give to her GoFundMe but it closed too fast – please consider giving directly to Moxie’s fundraiser for the PALS camp by clicking the button below!

Thanks a million.

So much aloha to you all.

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