Netflix: The Best $7.99 I Think I've Ever Spent

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Netflix.


One of the hardest parts about getting ready for traveling the Pan Am Overland, for this new life we are on a direct path for, is getting the time to get stuff done.


It. Is. Hard.


Our kids are full-time, stay-at-home kids, unscheduled, uncamp-ers, un-schoolers, and that means that the full pleasure of figuring out and implementing delightfully learning-oriented, holistic, body-strengthening, spirit-enhancing daily activities and engagements is full-square on My One True Darling Man and myself. Wooo-hooo!


I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining, and I don’t mean to sound like a lame whiner, but I do mean to sound honest and realistic. For Mikey to work on the truck usually means that he does it before/after his regular job – I am on full-time duty with the kids for a good 14 hours/day (unless my Mom comes around and helps out!), and if I apply for jobs or do do my counseling work or work on this blog or whatever, it means I need to wake up waaaaay before the kids wake up and take a stab at it – and/or do some work in the times when my Mom takes the older two out. But remember! There is Mack who is not just standing; he’s CRUISING now! He’s all over the place and sleep is not his friend!


Anyway, I doubt I’d get anything done at all if it were not for Netflix. This is why I love, love, love them:


  • There is no bullsh*t: you pay $7.99 a month, straight up, and you can watch ANYTHING. That’s it. Anything and everything in their red arsenal is YOURS for the viewing.
  • They have the “For Kids” option. After some training, you can literally give the remote control to your (older) child.
  • Captioning! I’m deaf! I need say no more!
  • I can’t stand regular TV because of the commercials. Even PBS commercials can annoy me (yeah, my threshold is absurdly low). I *heart* Netflix-land because they have the great PBS stuff but NO COMMERCIALS
  • The shows my kids watch on Netflix actually teach them a lot of interesting and useful information


More on that last one.


Have you seen some of those shows? Micah is obsessed with The Magic Schoolbus – where they do things like take the bus INTO THE BODY of their classmates and GO THROUGH the digestive tract – and they actually have a rather tactful conversation about how exactly they will exit!! – it’s amazing!


We also  like the “Show Your Kids the World” section – where there are National Geographic travel shows, and we really like “TV for Curious Kids” – where there are shows like “How Stuff is Made”.

photo 1

There are a LOT of bona-fide truly great shows on Netflix. I’ve even recently joined a facebook group that is about homeschooling through Netflix – where members share movie/tv show tips based on what they are trying to introduce to their kids. I’m all over it.


This is a sponsored post but I don’t want to get too glowing because then you will think I’m just saying good stuff because they are paying me for this post. But that’s absolutely not true: I’ve been a subscriber to Netflix now for 10 YEARS; yes, since before anyone knew what Netflix was! Since there was only the DVD option! The only time I was on the fence with them was when their captioning sucked but they got with it and my loyalty is back, rock-steady.

photo 2

Netflix makes work possible. I love them because the shows are so good that they actually teach my kids things that I’d like them to learn. I love that it’s all in bite-sized controllable “just one show” amounts, unlike regular TV which will just go on, endlessly.


If you are not on yourself, check it out. The first month is on them. Click this link.


If you are already on, what are your favorite shows? Here’s the short list for ours:


  • The Magic School Bus
  • Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
  • Shaun the Sheep (- very occasionally)
  • Classic Sesame Street
  • Star Trek: the Animated Series
  • Busytown Mysteries
  • Misty Island Rescue (I am SO SICK OF THIS but apparently, little boys NEVER OUTGROW it)
  • The Very Hungry Caterpiller
  • Myth Busters


What are yours?

photo 3

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Netflix.

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